How to connect wireless keyboard to Smart TV

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The new Smart TVs on the market are now so smart that they can open any web page, even the one that contains a video or film, without having to go through the PC or other surrogates to be connected to the HDMI ports. One of the most obvious difficulties, when we surf the web pages from Smart TV, concerns the writing of addresses: the classic remote control is really very inconvenient and even the on-screen keyboard is not the maximum comfort.
In order to write web addresses with the same speed obtainable on a PC, we recommend using a wireless keyboard, to be connected directly to the Smart TV in use.
In the following guide, we will show you in fact how to connect a wireless keyboard to smart TV, with an eye on the available technologies and the various types of keyboards that we can buy for typing at maximum speed.

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How to connect a wireless keyboard to Smart TV

Compared to traditional PCs, Smart TVs have an operating system optimized for viewing on a TV screen, so we will not always have compatibility with commercially available wireless keyboards.
To avoid making mistakes, we will show you which technologies we can use, which keyboards you can buy, and finally how to connect it correctly to the Smart TV in our possession.

Wireless keyboard connection technologies

Two different technologies can currently be used to connect a wireless keyboard to Smart TV:

  • Bluetooth: technology well known and compatible with the Smart TV models on the market, particularly if they have Android TV as the operating system.
  • Radiofrequency (RF): technology widely used on wireless keyboards, where we will have to connect a small USB receiver to the Smart TV to be able to type on each text field shown on the screen.

There is no clear prevalence of one technology over the other: much also depends on the Smart TV model in our possession and on the operating system offered by the TV itself. If we are undecided, we advise you to focus only on the official keyboards of the manufacturers (certainly compatible) and on third-party keyboards certified for use on Linux-based systems, such as WebOS (on LG Smart TV), Samsung’s Tizen OS and new Android TV models.

The best compatible wireless keyboards

In order not to run the risk of incompatibility, you should immediately focus on wireless keyboards produced by the manufacturers of Smart TVs or certified for use on televisions, so as not to have problems once they are turned on and configured. The best official wireless keyboards are listed below.

For LG, Samsung, and Sony Bravia Smart TVs we can use the Logitech K400 Plus (€ 25).

This keyboard works via radio frequencies, therefore it has a small USB receiver to be connected to the Smart TV in order to make the wireless connection. Once the receiver is connected, simply turn on the keyboard and start using it immediately in the Smart TV web browser.
In addition to the keyboard, it also integrates a touchpad, very useful on operating systems that support the mouse pointer in order to click on the links and to be able to comfortably navigate the web pages without having to unstick with the classic remote control.

Another keyboard that we can use on Smart TV is the Rii Mini i18 + (34 €).

This keyboard is very compact therefore suitable for use in the living room on the sofa and armchair, also thanks to the backlight, very useful when we want to type something in the dark. Also in this case we will have a comfortable touchpad to simulate mouse touches on the TV, in addition to RF (radio frequency) technology for connection to the TV (we will have to connect the small USB receiver in the body).

If we are looking for an even more compact keyboard we can also think of the QPAU Mini Backlit Keyboard (27 €).

This wireless keyboard is as big as a video game controller but has all the keys necessary to be able to type text on Smart TV, access the main menus, and navigate on it without having to use the classic remote control. On the upper part, there is also a small touchpad to simulate touches of the mouse on the screen while in the rear housing there is the lithium battery (removable) and the small USB receiver to be connected to the TV (being also based on RF).

If, on the other hand, we are looking for one Bluetooth keyboard, we advise you to bet on the KKmoon 59 Keypad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (14 €).
Bluetooth keyboard

This small keyboard offers the fundamental keys to be able to type any text and address on Smart TV and can be connected directly to the TV without any receiver using only Bluetooth technology.
Currently, only Android TV is definitely compatible with this type of keyboard, while on Smart TVs with other operating systems compatibility is not guaranteed (better to focus on RF models).

How to use the smartphone as a wireless keyboard

If we do not have any wireless keyboard to connect to the Smart TV, we can also use our smartphone to achieve the same purpose, that is, to write quickly in the text fields of the TV browser or any other app.
In order to control the Smart TV from the phone and write with the integrated keyboard, we must first connect the TV to the same Wi-Fi network as the phone, then download one of the following apps:

  • LG TV Plus (Android and iOS): the official app to remotely control LG-branded Smart TVs equipped with the webOS operating system.
  • Samsung SmartThings (Android and iOS): the automation app developed by Samsung to control all the devices produced by the Korean house, including Smart TVs.
  • Video & TV SideView (Android): very useful app to control Sony Bravia Smart TVs, although support for iOS has recently been removed.
  • Android TV Remote Control (Android and iOS): the definitive app to control each Android TV but also to control other compatible Smart TVs.
  • Peel Mi Remote (Android): universal remote control app to write from your phone on any recent Smart TV.

To learn more about using these apps and find out how to configure them and how to use them every day, we invite you to read our guides Control your TV with your Android phone with the remote control apps is How to turn on and use the TV without the remote control.


Connecting the wireless keyboard to the Smart TV is definitely the easiest operation to carry out in the whole guide: connect the USB receiver or turn on Bluetooth on the Smart TV, turn on the keyboard and, if everything is configured correctly, we can immediately write to the inside the Web TV browser.
The difficulty lies only in the keyboard to choose for our purposes: we recommend that you focus on RF keyboards, being more compatible at the moment than Bluetooth keyboards. If we do not want to use any keyboard, we can also use our smartphone as a wireless keyboard, using the Wi-Fi connection (in this case we will have to accept the connection when requested by the Smart TV).

If we need to configure a universal remote control for our Smart TV, we refer you to reading our guide How to program a universal remote control for a TV.
Do we want to control our PC with a remote control? In this case, we will have to rely on the advice seen in the article Wireless remote controls for PC: buying guide, so you can choose the right product.


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