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How to converse with ChatGPT to learn a foreign language

OpenAI has implemented ChatGPT with a new feature, available to owners of abbonamento ChatGPT Plus. A use of the generative artificial intelligence tool that allows you to learn or refine a foreign language.

The first thing to do is activate the ChatGPT conversational modepassing through the Settings. From here you need to select the name tab Beta features and tick the box dedicated to voice conversations.

At this point all that remains is choose the language you want ChatGPT to respond to interactions with. To start a conversation you have to open a new chat and then select the headphones icon.

How to study languages ​​with ChatGPT

The easiest way to learn or deepen a language foreign with ChatGPT consists of make a direct request to the tool. This means explicitly asking artificial intelligence for help with learning.

At this point it could be ChatGPT that does the user some clarifying questions. For example, going into the merits of type of learning that you want: starting from the analysis of pronounceuntil you get to grammatical or lexical check.

At this stage the user would do well to to specify both their own goalsthat the level of knowledge of the language in question. In order to guide subsequent conversations in the best possible way.

Once all the preliminary settings have been set, we actually start communicate with ChatGPT. Conversation with the tool generative artificial intelligence could go to touch the most disparate points. And which will therefore replicate the dynamism of exchanges between human beings in a rather precise manner.

At the same time you can ask the tool to stay within a single topic. Maybe even going to simulate a specific scenario: for example a job interview, or perhaps a meeting around a predetermined theme.

Pros and cons of conversations with ChatGPT

The level of personalizing conversations with ChatGPT he is incredibly tall. And this allows various users to guide the dialogue to develop the language based on specific criteria and objectives.

Another advantage of the tool is its cost, considering that in this historical moment the subscription is expensive about $20 a month. And that, in theory, is possible talk with ChatGPT in a language of your choice 24 hours on 24.

Furthermore the artificial intelligence of OpenAI offers a very convenient service verbatim transcription of audio conversations. A feature that allows you to analyze each session ex post.

But studying languages ​​with ChatGPT also has its drawbacks limits (at least at this stage). The first concerns the poor capacity of the tool design a learning path in the medium or long term.

Added to this is a rather small number of voices available. Which often translates to predominance of some accents at the expense of others. A concrete example in this sense is the almost absolute predominance of American over English.

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