Have we seen a text or quote in an image that we want to keep? Let’s see how to extract text from photo and copy it anywhere

Copy text from images

How many times have we had a photo or image with a very beautiful quoted text in our hands? In these scenarios it would have been useful to know the best methods for directly extracting text from images, so that the content could be copied into a chat or on social media.

Next time an opportunity like this comes along, let’s not miss it! In the following guide we will show you the best tricks and apps for copy text from an image or photo on Android and iPhoneso you can have a personal “text extractor” and thus save the most beautiful phrases and quotes contained in our photos, in our screens or in our downloaded images.

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1) Built-in camera

iPhone camera

The Camera app built into many modern phones (iPhone 12 and up and modern Xiaomi phone) have the function to transform the text of an image into a document or text to copy to the clipboard, without having to download any external app.

To use this trick on iPhone all we have to do is open the app Cameraframe the portion of text to copy, press on the icon Live Text that will appear at the top right, select the text with your finger and press on Copy; alternatively we can press the button Copy everything to copy all the framed text.

On compatible Android phones the procedure is very similar: we frame a portion of text with the camera, press the button Textwe wait for the conversion into an editable image and select the text to copy to the clipboard.

2) Google Lens

Google Lens

The first app we recommend using to effectively copy text from images is Google Lensavailable for download for Android and included in the app Google per iPhone.

To use the app as a personal extractor, open it, select the photo or image from the gallery from which to extract the text (from iPhone, first press on the Lens icon in the search bar), choose the tab Text at the bottom and select the text to copy with your finger.

After selecting the text, press the button Copy text to copy it to the clipboard and be able to use it in any other app on your phone. On Google Lens we can read our guide on how to use Google Lens.

3) Google Photo

Google Photo

Another multiplatform app that we can use to extract text from photos is Google Photodownloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

Google’s Photos manager includes Google Lens within it, so you can quickly copy text without having to switch to the specific app. To use the Photo manager we open the app, select the photo from the gallery and, after pressing on it, select the function Copy text available immediately below.

Similar to what we saw on Google Lens, all we have to do is select the text in the image (moving our finger on the screen) and press Copy text to copy it to the clipboard. On Google Photos we can read our ai article Google Photos tricks and special options for images and videos.

4) Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens

Another very good app for copying text from an image is Microsoft Lensalso available free for Android and for iPhone.

The app works quickly and quickly on any type of document, photo or image containing text: to copy all we have to do is open the app, go to the bottom of the menu Actionspress on the photo or image containing the text, modify the indicators by outlining the text to copy, press on Continues and, on the next screen, tap on Copy (to pass the copied text to the clipboard) or Share (to share it immediately in your favorite apps or chats).

5) Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Among the best apps for copying text from an image or photo we find Adobe Scandownloadable for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app is designed to scan paper documents and convert them to PDF format, but nothing prevents us from using it also for extract text from any photo or any image! After opening the app we use the built-in scanner to open the image containing the text and, as soon as the capture box appears, we copy the content into it to copy it straight to the phone’s clipboard.


Many smartphone cameras offer OCR functions for copy the text and share it to your phone’s clipboardbut if we have taken photos or have images with cute or very beautiful phrases we advise you to use Microsoft Lens, Google Lens, Adobe Scan, or Google Photos to extract text from images and copy it into any favorite app.

For further information we can read our guides app to recognize and extract text from images not best scanner apps to scan from your phone (Android and iPhone).


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