How to Create a Google Account for Kids and Children

You can create an account for your children, even children, on Google, to set filters and control activities on the internet and apps

Accounts for minors Having a Google account is necessary to surf the internet and enjoy personalized services for YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, Chrome and also to configure an Android smartphone.

Some of these applications and services, especially YouTube, are also used by children who usually open YouTube with their parent’s account or without any account. This, however, does not ensure any level of protection and control and it is therefore very easy to come across websites or videos that are unsuitable for children.

Google, therefore, allows the creation of accounts for children under the supervision of a parent. If, therefore, you have children who use the computer, tablet or even a smartphone and yes control, limit and ensure that they cannot accidentally end up on adult or otherwise inappropriate sites, It’s really worth creating a Google account for them.

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1) Account Family Link

Family Link allows you to monitor the activities on your children’s smartphones. Family Link is also the app that allows parents to create an account for their children so they can personalize and manage their online activity, so there can be restrictions on the type of content visible both on the PC and on tablets and phones .

Once Family Link is installed, you can open the ed app add a new account by pressing the + button at the top. You can then indicate whether your child already has a Google account or not, and, in this case, create a new one. It is very important for an automatic configuration of permissions indicate the child’s age correctlybecause there will be different restrictions based on age.

Once the child account has been created, which will be a normal Gmail address with password, you can access Chrome on PC or Mac or iPhone and iPad with this account, or add this Google account on your Android smartphone or tablet to configure everyone the various services.

The app must be installed on the children’s phone Google Family Linkavailable for Android and for iPhone. The app must be installed on the parents’ phone Family Link parental controlsavailable for Android.

2) Google accounts for children

In addition to the Google Family Link app, you can create a simple Google child account, so you can immediately configure the new phone assigned to your minor child.

To do this, open the page creating a Google accountchoose an email address and password, go ahead and then specify the year of birth of the child for whom the account is intended. Google will automatically recognize if the child is a minor and will ask the parent to complete the account setup.

Once the child account has been created, in Family link it will be possible set filters on Google Chrome to block adult sites or to allow visits only to specific sites indicated and then also set the filter for searches on Google (which however is not perfect). They can also limit the apps that the child can use on an Android device and block any purchases within the Play Store.

The child will then be able to use the apps allowed if he uses an Android device and browse the internet from a PC or Android, using Chrome with the blocks set.

Depending on the age of the child, access to YouTube may be blocked. In fact, the latter is only permitted from the age of 13 years. Anyone younger than 13 years old will be redirected to sito o app Youtube Kids.

This could be a limitation that could arouse protests given that YouTube Kids actually lacks many YouTube functions such as subscribing to channels to follow favorite artists and videomakers (such as Me against You for example).

If you want to create the child account from the phone, press on at first startup Create new account (about are More options and then Create new account), enter the name, date of birth, gender, email address and password to use for the child and complete the configuration from the parent’s account.


With the options offered by the Google account we can set up the account on your minor child’s phone with great easeblocking the pages that you shouldn’t open, monitoring the apps you install and even checking where you are, thanks to the continuous tracking of the GPS integrated into the phone.

To learn more we can read the guides above how to use child account in windows come on how to control your children’s smartphone and set limits.

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