How to create a work account on Android

Android work account

Those who use an Android smartphone for work know how important it is to separate the apps and contacts used for work from the apps we use for personal purposes, without necessarily having to configure two separate smartphones. With modern Android phones we can create spaces reserved for work, also taking advantage of the dual SIM slots (now ubiquitous on every modern Android phone).

In the following guide we will show you how to create a work account on androidusing the functions integrated into some phones (such as Xiaomi) or using tricks that can be activated via Android Enterprise.

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Create new user profile on Android

On some Android phones it is possible to create a new user profile, which will use its own apps and can use separate Google accounts from those of the main profile.

To create new profiles on Android let’s go to the app Settingspress on the menu Users, choose the item to create new users and configure the new user with company apps and accounts; alternatively we search for the specific entry in the path Settings -> System -> Multiple Users.

Android users

Not all phones offer this menu: many manufacturers that support Android as an operating system have preferred to block it or make it available only on tablets. To learn more we can read our guide on how to create user profiles on android.

Use second space on Xiaomi

On Xiaomi phones instead of the user profile we can use a function Second spacespecific for devices produced by the Chinese company.

This innovative feature can be activated by taking us to the app Settingsselecting the menu Special featuresby pressing up Second space and finally pressing on Turn on Second Space.

Second space

Once the second space has been activated we can activate the apps, contacts and company accounts within it, which will function completely separately from the main space.

Xiaomi phones allow you to access the second space using a dedicated fingerprint (different from the one used to unlock the phone) and programming the period in which to receive notifications on the main account (so as to receive company notifications only at certain times).

We also talked about this function in our guide to best special features and tricks of MIUI on Xiaomi.

Add Android Enterprise work profile

If the phone we received is provided directly by the company the work profilea function reserved for Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise

This special work profile should already be active on company phones, but if we also want to try it on our personal phone we will have to download it Android Enterprise work profile demo.

To proceed, we open the link shown just now from a PC, frame the QR code on the page with an Android phone, open the link hidden in the code and follow the instructions on the screen to install the dedicated work profile for Android.

From now on, work apps will be shown in a separate tab in the app drawer, and apps with work accounts will be displayed with a small briefcase icon, so you can immediately recognize work apps.

Using cloned apps for work

Another valid method to create a work account on Android involves create a “Work” folder dedicated on one of the phone screens and use cloned apps only for company accounts, so as to have multiple accounts on the same user profile.

Xiaomi smartphone owners can easily clone apps by taking us along the path Settings -> Apps -> Cloned apps and choosing which apps to clone for business purposes.

Xiaomi cloning

Alternatively we can use some apps to create virtual spaces and cloned apps such as Parallel Space e Island.


Reading the chapters of this guide it is easy to understand that i best phones for working are Xiaomi: by focusing on a smartphone from this manufacturer we will have integrated into the phone (without installing additional apps or profiles) the second space and the app cloning system, both very effective methods for creating a work account on Android.

On all other phones we can use the user management system (if available), the work profile provided by Android Enterprise or the cloning apps.

Once you have prepared your phone for work we recommend you read our guides app for office, work and study, free on Android and iPhone and at apps and tools for group work, chat, communication and project sharing.

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