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How to create an animation with several photos on Google Photos

Among the most popular applications for archiving photos and videos and for organizing your contents is Google Photo which, in addition to allowing the storage of contents in a safe and advantageous environment, It has numerous features which allow you to create animations, presentations, edit photos, make them sharper and have fun with creativity.

Create an animation with Google Photosor Google Photo, is very simple, both if you use the application for mobile devices, pre-installed on Android smartphones and, in any case, downloadable for free, and if you access the platform from a browser.

There is a feature that allows you to create very short video content when it is not necessary to create a complete, medium-length video. Animation can be done without having advanced editing skills. Let’s find out how it works.

  • 1. Google Photos, what is it

    Google Photos is a service offered free of charge by Google, which can be accessed through your Google account from both browsers and mobile devices. It is designed to allow web users to back up your photos and videos in complete safety and to ensure that they can find and view them at any time, wherever they want, regardless of the support they have available.

    Photos and videos uploaded to Google photos are organized automatically and can be searched for via search functions and easily located on the platform. Albums and individual images can be quickly shared with friends and family, without the need to use physical media.

    But it doesn’t end here. In addition to useful tools for managing images and videos, Google offers users set per l’editing and filters to apply to contents to make them more captivating, clearer, brighter and more appreciable.

    The space is available free of charge is equal to 15 GB. If you want to expand, you must sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to Google One. This way you can get up to 2TB of storage space, sharing with more people, advanced editing features in Google Photos and constant assistance from Google experts.

    It is good keep your space on Google Photos updated and tidy: After two years of inactivity or more, images may be deleted. The easiest way to keep your account active is to visit the application or web platform. Before any deletion you will receive a notification via email, which is sent at least three months before the date of cancellation.

  • 2. Google Photos, what does the Animation function consist of

    Google Photos’ Animation feature allows you to select from a minimum of 2 photos to a maximum of 50 photos and generate a GIF from their union. GIFs are a format supported by all web browsers and most messaging and social network applications and consist of content characterized by a short animation. They are used to make messages more engaging and clearer.

    Google Photos Animation feature is useful for merge all the photos taken in sequence into a GIF and in rapid succession.

  • 3. How to use the animation function from mobile devices

    The Animation feature of Google Photos can be used across mobile devices by taking advantage of the official application of the service. Log in to the app with your Google account credentials and provide all necessary permissions to allow access to your phone’s gallery.

    Click on the entry Collectionlocated at the bottom right of the screen, and then up Utility. Scroll until you reach the section Creaand tap on Animation. Select at least two images from those in Google Photos and click Crea.

    The GIF is generated in seconds. Yes it can Share by sending it in Google Photos to your contacts or by choosing to use third-party apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or other social networks. If the result is not considered satisfactory you can click Remove. In this case it is immediately removed from the Google account and from the devices on which the backup is active and remains in the folder Recently deleted for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

  • 4. How to use the PC Animation feature

    I know if you use a personal computer, start the browser that you prefer and connect to the official Google Photos website. Sign in with your Google account.

    In the bar located on the left of the screen, select the item Utility. click on Animation and, on the page that opens, select all the images in Google Photos that you want to be used to create the GIF. click on Crealocated at the top right.

    The animation is created in seconds and immediately shown on the screen. You can share, download to your device, add to an album or shared album, place in a protected folder or delete if you don’t like the result.

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