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How to create notes in OneNote

OneNote is the application of the Microsoft Office suite that allows you to take notes and notes about your work, your life or your research, studies and much more digitally. With this software it is possible say goodbye to notebooks, sheets and post-its and have everything you need at your fingertips. It allows for better organization, the ability to collaborate with colleagues and to increase one’s productivity.

Yes they can make more notepadseach with its own name, and inside them insert sections. These can be used to indicate the topic of the notes and the pages that will be found within them. For example, in your notebook it will be possible to insert the section dedicated to Recipes, the Personal Diary, the one on school matters and much more according to your needs.

Within the sections you can create as many pages as you want. Assigning a name will make it easier to find them when you need to consult.

Creating new notebooks, sections and notes is extremely simple, since the OneNote interface it is very intuitive. It can be done both from mobile devices, through the official app of the solution, and on personal computers.

  • 1. Create a new notebook

    A notebook can be divided into sections and can contain an infinite number of notes. You can decide to put everything you create in your personal notebook or create different blocks notes to manage the various areas of one’s life.

    Per create a new block notes compared to existing ones, if you work from a personal computer, you must sign in to OneNote and, after clicking on File in the menu, select New. Choose the name of the new block and select the placement of the savegames: OneDriveon your device or more.

    From your mobile device, log in to OneNote to create a new notebook. click on Block notes to access the area dedicated to this content and click on + Clipboard. Enter the name of the block and choose the location. Click on Crea.

    Each icon of the notebooks that are created take on a different color, so as to make them identifiable at a glance. A notebook can be closed when it is no longer needed.

  • 2. Create sections within your notebook

    Sections allow you to make your notebook more organized. They can be created in just a few clicks, moved, copied, joined together, their color can be chosen to make them recognizable and, if they contain important and confidential information, they can be protected with passwords.

    To create a section within a computer notebook, click the arrow next to the block name in the left sidebar. Press up + New section. Right-click on the new section and click Renaming. Enter the new name and click Enter.

    From a mobile device, log in to OneNote, click on Notepads located at the top of the screen and tap on the name of the block in which you want to create a new section.

    Select the entry +Section, located at the bottom of the screen and indicate the name of the new section. Click on Crea.

  • 3. Creating new notes in OneNote: making pages

    Within the sections you can create the notes you need thanks to the creation of pageswhich can contain text, drawings, images and much more.

    To create a new page from a personal computer click on the notebook in which you want to work, choose the specific section, and in the menu located on the left, press the button Add page. The pages can be moved from top to bottom and a title can be assigned by writing it in the appropriate area located above the date and time of creation.

    By right clicking on a page name you can decide to delete it, rename it, copy it, paste it elsewhere, set it as secondary and connect it to the one immediately above it or mark it as unread.

    To create a new page using the mobile application, on the home page, click +Page. Alternatively, click Notepadsselect the section in which you want to create a new page and tap on +Page. Enter the name of the page in the appropriate area and create the content. Saving is automatic.

  • 4. Creating notes and customizing notes in OneNote

    Once the page is created you can start taking your notes. On personal computers it will be sufficient to position oneself in any point of the page and start writing. The texts can be moved and customized in every aspect: font, size, color, highlighting, adding bold, italics, underlining and strikethrough, bulleting or numbering, setting indents and alignments, defining styles and much more.

    Clicking insert in the OneNote menu, you can access buttons to insert tables, spreadsheets, spaces, attached files, images, page templates, links, date and time and other elements within the page.

    By selecting the item Drawing from the menu you can find all the tools you need to draw freehand within the page, such as pens and highlighters, a ruler, shapes and autoshapes.

    If you are using a mobile device, all the controls are located at the bottom of the pages screen. allow to attach multimedia files, audio, documents, create lists, customize indents, bold, italicize, and other formatting, and highlight concepts that are most important to you. The drawing tools are located at the top.

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