How to create stories on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Social stories Stories have become one of the most used functions on modern social networks, especially on Instagram: with them it is possible to post images (even modified ones) or videos that will disappear after 24 hours, without leaving any trace (just “stories”): small glimpses of our life and our thoughts quickly posted and of which we do not need to keep an indelible memory on our social profile.
If we are beginners with modern social networks, in this guide we will show you how to create stories on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, so as to immediately become experts in sharing this type of content. In addition to the simple guide on how to create a story, we will also try to show you some tricks to be able to make really beautiful stories, able to stand out from other users.

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How to create stories

Currently we can create stories on Facebook, on WhatsApp and on Instagram, that is on the most used social networks by users. Calculate that all three are owned by Facebook, so in some features the differences will be minimal. In a dedicated chapter we will also show you the other services or apps that have the functionality, so you can understand where we can create our stories.

Create stories on Facebook

On Facebook we can create our stories from the web page or from the apps for Android and iOS. Once you have chosen the platform to use, we log in with our Facebook account and, once you have reached the start page of our profile, we click on the box Added a story, present at the top of the app or in the section Stories of the site.

The history creation screen will open, where we can choose whether to use one of the photos on our device or one of the default options available at the top (Text, selfies, Boomerang, Music or Poll).
If we want to make a simple story, we choose the photo from the gallery, so as to load it into the Facebook Stories editor.
Facebook history

If we want to share a simple photo, just press it immediately Share in history to upload it immediately on the social network; alternatively we use one of the keys in the upper right corner to apply effects, to add text, to add stickers or to draw freehand.
Stories Effects

Before sharing the story we can also choose how many people will be able to see it, so as to have maximum control of our privacy; to do this, just press the button Privacy bottom left, to open the screen where you can choose which users can view the shared story.
Privacy stories

From this same screen we can activate Automatic adjustment (which applies automatic filters to all shared photos) or use Hide history a (so as to prevent any user from seeing our story). Finally pressing on the item See all story settings we will access the settings menu, where we can customize the experience of our stories.
To learn more, we recommend reading our guide How to Add Music to your Facebook profile and Stories.

NOTE: stories shared on Facebook can also be viewed on Facebook Messenger using privacy settings Friends and contacts is All.

Create stories on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp the stories are achievable using the menu State, accessible both from WhatsApp Web and apps for Android and iOS.

Once the Status menu is open, tap on My status to add new states; alternatively we can also use the buttons at the bottom right, which allow you to immediately take a photo to use for the story or load a monochromatic background.
In any case, the status editing screen will open, where we can add stickers, a text, a freehand drawing (buttons on the top right) or one of the photographic filters available in the app (scrolling up).
WhatsApp effects

To share the story, simply press the button Submit in the shape of a paper airplane (green button at the bottom right); if interested we can also add a caption before sending, so as to make the message or photo shared even more personal.
If we wish to learn more, we can also read our guide on How to Save State Pictures or Videos in Whatsapp.

Create stories on Instagram

Instagram is probably the best social network for sharing stories; to do this simply download the Instagram app for Android and iOS, log in with a Facebook account or an email-based account, then tap up on the circle with the word Your story.

This will open the Story editor, which allows you to acquire the content to be included in the new story in real time (a photo, a selfie, a video or a video).
Instagram status

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We will have various 3D effects available to apply immediately to our frame or to what we view simply by scrolling from the Shutter button to the left (available 3D effects change over time and after app updates). In addition to the 3D effects we can also choose various types of camera effects (available at the bottom, scrolling over the item Normal). We will thus be able to realize a Boomerang, one direct or a superzoom, as we have already seen in our guide How to use Instagram. In addition to photos and videos taken in real time, we can also upload photos already present in the phone gallery by tapping in the lower left corner and choosing which photo to upload.
If we want to insert a GIF, a written text or add a question or a survey, we will have to select the camera effect Create, so as to unlock further customizations. Once the modifications are complete, simply click on the bottom button Your story to share it; we can also reduce the circle of friends and acquaintances who can see the story using the button Closer friends or using the key Send to, to choose who will see the story.

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Other services that support stories

The stories were not born on the social networks and on the apps seen a little while ago; the first app that supports story creation was Snapchat, available for Android and iOS.

From this app you can create stories lasting 24 hours with new unique 3D effects, not present on other reported apps. To learn more about this app, we advise you to read ours Guide and cheats Snapchat, the App of photos, selfies, chats, news and live videos.

As we had already mentioned in the chapter dedicated to Facebook, Facebook Messenger also supports the stories, both dedicated (visible only there) and shared with the blue social network; if we are also interested in this kind of stories, Facebook Messenger is available for free for Android and iOS.

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If we are passionate about social media and messaging, one of the first things to absolutely learn is the creation of stories, which will allow us to significantly increase the number of followers and people who interact with us, especially if we make very interesting stories to follow.

In another guide we also talked about the App for messages that are erased and self-destroyed, in fact quite similar to the Stories.
If instead we are interested in increasing followers on Instagram using stories, we invite you to read our article on How to increase followers enrolled on Instagram.


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