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How to customize the new Tab in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers by web users. It has an intuitive, easily understandable and highly customizable interface. The browser tab, or new tab page, is the screen that appears when you start the platform and need to connect to a site or do an online search.

They are Google Chrome the page can be modified according to the user’s needs, to allow him to perform routine actions in the fastest way possible and to have everything they need just a click away.

Customizing the browser page, changing themes and adding shortcuts in Google Chrome can be done easilyby following simple steps. Let’s find out how.

  • 1. How to set a home page in Google Chrome

    Are Google Chrome you can set a home page, a page that appears every time you start your browser. It can be, for example, a news portal where you can find at a glance all the most recent news, current affairs or specific topics or the login page to your mailbox to access it faster or the New Tab page , where there is the Google search bar and, if desired, shortcuts to access the pages most viewed by the user with a single click.

    To set the home page, the specific function must be enabled. To get it open Google Chrome, do sign in with your Google account and click on the three vertical dots at the top. Select the entry Settings.

    In the left sidebar click on I wait and activate the switch positioned at Show Home Button. You can choose what to display: the page New tab or a specific web address. In the latter case, it must be inserted in the appropriate bar.

  • 2. Change the background on the New Tab page of Google Chrome

    Personalization can be done not only in the content of the Google Chrome Tab, but also about his appearance. To intervene on the background and change it, open the new tab page and click on the pencil icon located in the lower right corner alongside the item Customize Chrome.

    In the bar that is presented on the left side you can choose the different options for change the look of Google Chrome. You can select one of the colors presented or opt for a custom color.

    To change the background e insert your own imageclick on Change theme and choose Upload an image. Choose a photograph or graphic located on your device and click You open. The image will immediately appear on the Google home page.

  • 3. Change the theme on the New Tab page of Google Chrome

    If you don’t want to use your own image, but want to change the look of Google and make it more interesting, you can change the theme and choose one of those proposed by the platform.

    To do this open a New Tab and click Customize Chrome, item located at the bottom right of the screen and marked with a pencil icon. click on Change theme and choose one of the proposed collections.

    If the proposed collections are not considered satisfactory and you want to view other contents, click on the last icon, a page will open in which all the themes present in the Google store are presented. Choose your favorite and click on add. The theme is instantly installed and applied.

    In the area that opens, choose the desired theme. It can be changed as often as you want and whenever it is You can go back to the traditional Google look.

  • 4. View shortcuts in the New Tab in Google Chrome

    The New Tab page shortcuts allow you to reach the most visited sites on a daily basis or those deemed most useful in just one click. These are represented by an icon below the search bar and it is sufficient to select it to be redirected to the desired page.

    To be able to insert and customize them, click on the pencil icon located at the bottom right of the New Tab page. Turn on the switch present next to the item Show shortcuts. To hide them, simply turn off the switch.

    Choose whether you want to specify which shortcuts you want to display yourself, by selecting My shortcutsor whether to allow the browser to automatically select the sites to show among those you connect to most often by selecting Most visited sites.

  • 5. Change the shortcuts in the New Tab Tab in Google Chrome

    If you activate the shortcuts and select the option My shortcuts, you need to customize the New Tab page and tell yourself which pages you want to link to. To do this, open the page New tab.

    Below the search bar, click on button [+]. Enter the name of the shortcut. It is advisable to choose an indicative one, which allows you to immediately understand which page the link redirects to. Add the URL and click Fine.

    The operation can be repeated every time you want to add a new shortcut to the page New Tab.

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