How to delete Alexa and Google Assistant voice recordings

Voice commands Voice assistants are one of the most popular technological innovations in recent years, since we can use them both on smartphones and smart speakers, ready to pick up all our voice commands without having to press anything. To be able to carry out their task, especially when we use speakers, the microphone must always remain on, so that we can seize the command “OK Google“or” Hey, Alexa “when pronounced by our voice.
But what happens when we don’t use voice commands?
All registrations end up on a server, and can also contain private conversations, credit card numbers or password numbers to sites, as well as our curses. Fortunately, the two most famous services, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allow to delete all voice recordings in a few simple steps.
In this guide we will show you the steps to follow for delete voice recordings captured by Google Assistant devices and Amazon Alexa, whether we had used these assistants on smartphones or if we had used one of the intelligent speakers, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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1) Delete voice commands from Google Assistant


To check the recordings and delete those relating to a specific period or cancel all the recordings, we turn on a PC, open any Web browser (Chrome, Edge etc.) and take us to the Google account management page, accessible from here -> Google account.
We enter the login credentials of the Google account used for the voice assistant and, on the page that appears, we click Data and personalization, present on the left bar.
On the new page that opens, click on the voice and audio activity item, and then click on Manage history.
From this page we will be able to see all the recordings captured by the smartphone and by a possible Google Home speaker; to delete one or more recordings just click on the three dots next to a specific date or a recording and use the button Delete.
To make a complete cancellation, click Delete activity for present from side to left, we select Always from the drop-down menu that will appear then we indicate today’s date in the field Before.

Click on the button below Delete and we confirm the deletion, so as to be able to delete all the records saved on Google servers.

If we wish to proceed with the deletion of registrations from an Android smartphone (which is associated with the account from which to delete the registrations) or from the Google iOS app, we open the app Google and select Google account top right.
From the menu that opens, let’s go to the tab Data and personalization, then select Voice and audio activity in the section Activity management.
In the new screen that appears, we start Manage history, then select Filter by date; by filtering the elements (as already seen on the PC) it will be possible to cancel any record prior to today’s date.

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2) Delete voice commands from Amazon Alexa


If we use an Amazon Echo speaker or the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone, we can delete the entire history of voice recordings by taking you to Alexa’s confidential web page and available here -> Privacy Alexa.
We will be asked for credentials to access the Amazon account, if the browser does not already have access configured; once entered the credentials we click on Review the voice history and select, in the drop-down menu Date range, the voice Entire chronology.
The wording will appear under the heading Delete all recordings for the entire history, so as to delete all the recordings made with the Alexa voice assistant in one shot.

If, on the other hand, you want to delete only a part of the recordings or just those of a specific period of time, simply change the indication in the dropdown Date range (so you can only delete recordings of a day or a month; to delete a single recording we open the one related to the record to be deleted (by clicking on the arrowhead button) and select the item Delete registration.

Delete Alexa’s history from your smartphone?

First of all we download the Alexa app for Android and for iPhone, so let’s tap at the top left on the side menu icon, let’s get in Settings and subsequently in Alexa account.
In the new screen we can use the drop-down menu Filter by date, so as to restrict the dates in which we want to cancel; as soon as the recordings are visible, we tap on them and select the button Delete voice recording, so as to eliminate any compromising recordings or with too personal contents.
Unfortunately it is not possible to proceed with the complete deletion of all the recordings from mobile: if this is our goal, it is better to proceed as seen from the PC where everything is much simpler, since a single click is enough.

Delete voice recordings from Amazon Echo

Recently it is also possible to delete the voice recordings of the requests made to Alexa using a voice command, telling the Amazon Echo the order forget.
With the phrase “Alexa, erase what I just said“you can delete the last voice command said, while with the sentence”Alexa, erase everything I said today“the recordings of the whole day are eliminated.
To use this function, however, it is necessary to activate, in Alexa’s history settings, “Enable deletion by voice command

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