How to delete contacts in WhatsApp

whatsapp contacts If we use WhatsApp for some time this guide may seem trivial, but those who use a smartphone recently may not know how the WhatsApp app works, finding difficulties even in eliminating a contact from his list in the chat.
The key point is to understand that every person who has registered with WhatsApp with their phone number is potentially reachable by anyone who knows the number since the phone book is used to find contacts.
If we notice that some contacts that we do not know begin to chat with us, we can arrange to delete them and block them if they insist.
In this guide, we will show you in fact how to delete contacts on WhatsApp and make sure that it doesn’t appear anymore, so as not to open a chat with it not even by mistake.READ ALSO -> Whatsapp: 30 Tricks and secrets of chat on Android and iPhone

1) How to delete WhatsApp contacts on Android

If we own an Android smartphone, we open the WhatsApp app for Android, we press for a long time with the finger over the chat that we want to delete, then we carry out the actual deletion by clicking on the icon in the shape of the trash, present on the top bar of the app.
Obviously this only deletes the chat, but not the contact (which will remain available for new chats in the future).
To delete a contact completely, select the chat symbol at the bottom right, click on the three dots at the top and select Contacts.
Our app will open to manage the address book, from which we will have to select the offending contact and delete it.
If the contact presented only numbers, without any name, it may be a good idea to write them down before proceeding with the deletion from the phonebook since, in case there are so many unknown numbers, it could become a business to recognize the one to be deleted.

2) How to delete WhatsApp contacts on iPhone

On an iPhone, the procedure is completely similar, in fact only the interface changes.
For delete WhatsApp contacts on iPhone let’s open the app on our smartphone, let’s go to the menu Chat at the bottom, then select the button Edit above and indicate the chat or chats to be deleted; to complete the operation it is sufficient to use the item Delete, present in this screen at the bottom right.
The chat with the contact will no longer be displayed, but we can still add it by mistake; to permanently delete it from our phone we open the app Contacts, we tap on the name or number of the contact, select the item Edit in the upper right corner and finally scroll in the new screen until you find the item Delete contact.
In this way, the number will be deleted from the address book and will no longer appear among those available on WhatsApp.

3) Delete a contact from a WhatsApp group

Is the contact to be deleted present within a group?
In this case, we can intervene eliminating it from the group itself, but only if we are the administrators of the group.
First, we open the group in which the contacts to be eliminated are present, we select the three dots in the top right corner and then the entry Group info.
Scroll down the screen until you find the section where the participants are present, with the administrators at the top; if we are among the latter, we can eliminate contacts from the group without problems.
To do this, we remain in the participant’s section of the screen Group info, keep the finger pressed on the contact or number to be removed then use the item Remove.
If the contract we intend to delete is also the group administrator, we will still be able to remove it first by revoking the administrator permissions (with the item Remove from administrators), then using the entry Remove as seen above.
After removing it from the group, we can proceed to delete it as a contact by following the steps described in the first two chapters of the guide.

4) Block an annoying contact

Once the contact has been deleted from Whatsapp and from the phonebook, the person can still write to us if you have our number in your phone book and WhatsApp: the changes we have applied above are valid only on our phone and on our account!
If we want to avoid any kind of contact with this person or want to prevent them from contacting us in the future, we’ll just need to take advantage of the WhatsApp contact blocking feature.
To block a known contact however it is necessary that this person’s number is present in the contacts: if you wish to block a number you must then proceed before deleting it from the address book.
After identifying the contact to be blocked, just go to the menu Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Contacts blocked and click at the top right on the symbol of the address book, so you can view, among the WhatsApp contacts, which to add to the block list.
Once added to this screen, the contact will no longer be able to send us any messages, open chats or make calls: in fact, it is like not having him anymore!
After we have added it to this block list, we can follow the methods seen in the other chapters of this guide to cancel the chat and delete the contact.
It is also possible to block an unknown number or a contact never seen in our address book: n, in this case, we can act by opening the conversation, pressing the button with three dots at the top right, then up Other and selecting the command Block.

If we want to deepen the discussion on the applicable blocks on WhatsApp, we invite you to read our guide on how to block a contact on Whatsapp and what it means.

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