How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Do we have many duplicate emails in Outlook? Let’s see how to highlight and delete them quickly from the Microsoft client

Outlook duplicate emails

Duplicate emails can cause problems for those who use the Outlook client at work: we will have to spend double the time reading all the messages, slowing down our productivity and making the operation tedious. Added to this is that duplicate emails reduce storage space in your inbox.

Yes they can delete duplicate emails on Microsoft Outlookusing the tools provided by the same program, to always keep at hand when we work and use Outlook to read all associated email accounts.

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1) Use Clean Folder

The first function that we can use to delete duplicate emails in Outlook is Clean folder. To proceed, open Outlook, go to the account to be cleaned and open the category of emails to be cleaned (for example Archive o Incoming mail).

Once the email category is open, press the trash can icon at the top to show the three cleaning options:

  • Clean up conversation
  • Clean folder
  • Clean folder and subfolders

With the first item we will eliminate duplicate emails present in the possibly selected conversation; using the second voice we will eliminate duplicate emails from the entire folder (i.e. from the entire category indicated), while with the third item we will also clean any subfolders present within the email category.

2) Avoid importing duplicates

Another effective method to delete duplicate emails in Outlook involves not importing them at all, especially if we often add new email accounts to the Microsoft client (duplicates often remain there waiting to be deleted for years).

To prevent the import of duplicates, open Outlook and press the top menu Filewe open the menu Open and exportclick on the button Import/Exportwe choose the source from which to import all the email messages (basically we use Import data from other programs or filesthen pressing on PST), select the file from which to import messages and make sure to check the item Do not import duplicateseliminating the problem of duplicate emails at the root.

For further information we can read the guide above how to configure Outlook with one or more email accounts.

3) Sort duplicates manually

To immediately view all duplicate emails in Outlook and delete them in bulk, we can act by opening the email client again, pressing the menu at the top Viewselecting Change view and clicking on Preview.

After opening the preview view, press on the column Dimensions and we identify the emails that have the same size (probably the identical ones), deleting them one at a time or in blocks (selecting those that are superfluous).

4) Sort duplicates automatically

Email Outlook

Another trick to delete duplicate emails on Outlook is to use Advanced visualizationcustomizing the view to quickly show duplicates.

To proceed, let’s go back to the menu Viewwe press on Current viewwe click on View settingswe select Order and we configure all the entries as follows:

  • Recipient Name -> Ascending
  • From -> Increasing
  • Received -> Descending
  • Attachment -> Descending

We confirm by pressing OK to immediately apply automatic sorting and clearly show duplicates even among hundreds of emails received or sent.


Microsoft Outlook has all the tools to eliminate duplicate emails, without having to use third-party software or sites (often designed only to collect personal data or spy on users). If we notice too many duplicate emails, it’s time to act, choosing the best method from those proposed above (all tested on the latest version of Outlook).

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