In Windows 11 and Windows 10, you can view the screen of another PC or your Android smartphone on your PC

PC projection function On Windows 11 and Windows 10 we can easily mirror the screen and project from another PC using the functions integrated within the system, without having to use other software and without having to purchase new components.

In the following guide we will show you how view images from another Windows PC or Android device on the screenwith the possibility of using the same function to project the Windows screen onto Miracast compatible TVs.

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1) Project Windows to another PC

Schermo Wireless To mirror from one computer to another, make sure that both PCs are on the same network, then open the computer where you will receive the projection and look for the app in the Start menu Schermo wireless (Connect su Windows 10).

Now let’s go to the PC we want to project, press the shortcut WIN+Kselect the name of the other PC as displayed and then press on WIN+P to set Duplicate as the voice for projection.

If we can’t find the app Schermo wireless on our PC we press WIN+I to open the settings, let’s go to the path System -> Projection to this PC and follow the instructions to install the additional Windows functionality necessary for the correct functioning of Miracast.

2) Project Android to Windows PC

Mirroring Android The Wireless Screen app is great for managing your Android screen from a PC with a keyboard and mouse, without having to use other screen sharing programs.

To proceed we leave the app Schermo wireless active on our computer, let’s make sure that both Windows and Android are connected to the same network or to the same modem, let’s go to the app Settingswe open the menu Connection and sharinglet’s get into the menu Schermo wirelessactivate the item of the same name at the top and wait for the name of the PC to appear, then click on it to start projecting Android onto the PC.

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3) Project Windows on Smart TV

Projection on Smart TV The projection and mirroring function present on Windows can also be used to connect the PC to a Smart TV without using any cable, but using only the wireless connection of our network.

To make the connection, make sure that your television supports it Miracast (alternatively we use the Fire TV Stick where he Chromecast), let’s go to the PC to project, press WIN+K on the keyboard, we press on the name of our Smart TV (or on the name of one of the devices used for mirroring) and then press on WIN+P to set Duplicate o Extended according to our needs.

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Thanks to Miracast we can do screen mirroring and projection connecting the screen of two PCs, casting the Android screen to computer, and casting the content of the Windows desktop and apps to a modern Smart TV.

All modern PCs manufactured after 2015 should natively support Miracast and screen projection; if this is not the case, let’s try update the operating system, update your video drivers and update the Wi-Fi card driver present on the computer.

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