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The iPhone is one of the most technological phones that we can use but, for those coming from other devices, it may be difficult to carry out simple operations such as saving an email attachment, which is very simple on a PC or Android smartphone but not so immediate on Apple devices. .
If we are a beginner with an iPhone and need to save email attachments for work, study or to download a bill that has arrived in electronic format, in this guide we will show you how to download attachments received via email on iPhone, showing you the steps to take. both in the Mail app and in the apps dedicated to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail (the main e-mail providers).

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Download attachments from the Mail app

As soon as we receive an email containing an attachment, we open the Mail app on our iPhone, press the name of the message that has just arrived and press the attachment icon to open the preview.

To be able to download it to the internal memory of the iPhone, press the Share icon at the top right and then press the Save to File item, so you can choose the saving path.

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A new screen will open where we will be shown the folders already active on our iPhone and the folders available for saving on iCloud Drive. To save the file in a known folder on the iPhone, press on it to select it then press Save at the top right; if, on the other hand, we want to create a new folder to save on the fly, just press the New folder symbol at the top.
To save the attachment on our cloud, simply select one of the iCloud Drive folders visible on the Save to File screen or press the Google Drive or OneDrive icon once you have pressed the Share button (obviously the apps of the two cloud services must already be installed and configured on our iPhone).
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Download attachments from the Gmail app

If we use the Gmail app to manage the homonymous accounts or to also manage third-party accounts, we can download the attachments by opening the app, pressing on the e-mail message and pressing on the attachment contained within it and pressing up to the right on the Share icon.

The same screen as already seen for the Mail app will open, where we will have to press on the Save to File item to download the attachment to the internal memory of the iPhone or to an iCloud folder.
To save the attachment on the Gmail cloud it is not necessary to download the Google Drive app on the iPhone, since it is sufficient to press the Add to Drive icon, present next to the Share icon in the attachment preview screen.
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Download attachments from the Outlook app

If we use the Outlook app on our iPhone to manage Microsoft accounts, Office or any other compatible account, we can download the email attachments by opening the app on our device, pressing on the email containing the attachment and pressing at the top right on the Share button.

To save it in the internal memory of the iPhone or on iCloud, press on the item Share file via then press on Save to File, following the steps seen so far to save the file locally or on the cloud offered by Apple.
If, on the other hand, we want to save the attachment on OneDrive, just use the Save in account item, immediately after opening the Share button.
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Download attachments from the Yahoo! Mail

If we use the Yahoo! Mail to manage the e-mail service of the same name, we can quickly download the attachments by opening the app, pressing on the email containing the attachment, pressing on it and using the Share button at the top right.

The classic sharing screen will appear, where we can choose whether to save the file in the iPhone’s internal memory or on iCloud (using the Save to File item) or choose some other cloud service available from the apps installed on the device (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for instance).
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As we have seen, downloading attachments on iPhone is quite simple, especially after understanding the importance of the Share button within the system interface; in fact, the difficulty with novice users is all here, since (well accustomed to Windows or Android smartphones) we will not find any Download or Download button next to the attachment or within the email apps.
With the Share button instead we will be able to better manage every single attachment present in our messages, choosing each time whether to save in the internal memory, whether to save on a cloud service or whether to open the attachment with one of the compatible apps (for example Office documents we can open them with the homonymous apps installed on the iPhone).

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