How to Download Videos from X (Twitter)

X, Elon Musk’s platform which it was in the past known with the historic name of Twitter, is a social network that has a large number of members all over the world. Every day people log in to find news in real timeto participate in interesting discussions and view original, exclusive and captivating content.

Among the most appreciated multimedia contents there are, without a shadow of a doubt, i video. On X you can find them in large quantities and it can happen that feel the need to download them onto your smartphonecomputer or other device used and always have them at hand.

Among the changes made by Elon Musk to Twitter after purchasing it, in addition to changing its name to the introduction of a feature that allows users to download video content from the platform in just a few clicks. However, not all members of the platform can carry out the action, but only those who have signed up a Premium subscription.

Let’s find out how to download a video from

  • 1. How to download a video from X (Twitter)

    By subscribing to the Premium X subscription you have access to a long series of benefits, including the possibility of download many of the videos published on the platform without having to resort to alternative and unsafe methods.

    The videos can be downloaded either to the desktopby accessing X, the former Twitter, through your favorite browser or through the platform’s official application.

    After finding the video you want to download, click on it and then select the icon made up of three dots located at the top, in the right corner of the screen. Tap on Download videos.

    The download starts and ends in a few seconds, depending on your available Internet connection. It’s possible check the download progress via X notifications.

  • 2. How to subscribe to the Premium version of X (Twitter) and the benefits

    If you want access to a number of additional features of X (Twitter) you should abbonare a X Premium. The subscription can be made both from desktop and mobile. In the first case, after logging in, click on the entry Premium present in the menu on the left of the screen.

    Please indicate if you are a person or creator or an organization (business, government agency, or nonprofit) and click Subscribe. Choose one of the proposed plans, the payment frequency and click on Subscribe and pay. Enter all the necessary data and complete the process.

    If you access from the app, click on your icon at the top left and press on Get Premium. Choose the plan you prefer from those proposed and the payment frequency (monthly or annual). Tap on Subscribe and pay and conclude by entering all the requested data.

    X has prepared three different plans: Basic, Premium e Premium +. Downloading videos is guaranteed by all options. Other benefits offered by all plans include the ability to edit posts and create longer ones, cancel posts, post longer videos, and play videos in the background.

    Il piano Basic costs 4 euros per month or 49 euros per year, the Premium it costs 11 euros per month or 114.99 euros per year and the plan Premium + it costs 25 euros per month or 249.99 euros per year.

  • 3. Download videos from X (Twitter), alternative solutions

    The web offers various alternative solutions for those who have not subscribed to X Premium, but before trying them it is It’s good to keep some information in mind. These are solutions not foreseen by the social network and which do not respect the wishes of the creators who share content on the platform.

    Furthermore, users who are less familiar with digital tools or less attentive risk downloading, in addition to the video, other elements that are harmful to the device, such as viruses and malware. For this reason it is always preferable to use the method proposed by the social network.

    To download videos from X (Twitter) you can use it SSSTwitter, among the most used solutions, both from computers and apps. To do this connect to X, locate the video and after clicking on the icon Share and select Copy link.

    Launch your favorite browser, both from PC and mobile, and connect to SSSTwitter. Click on the bar in the center of the screen and paste the link. Press on Download. Choose the format you prefer from those proposed. The download will start immediately.

  • 4. Prevent your videos posted on X (Twitter) from being downloaded

    X offers the possibility to all Premium members to download the videos they find on the platform, but not all. The content owner can decide whether to allow this option or whether to prevent the download of the movie from X.

    The decision can be made for each video shared. After loading the content, in the area Edit video, click the gear icon. In Content Settings, deactivate the lever next to the item Allow video downloads.

    The option is not retroactive and modifiable. To prevent past videos from being downloaded, the entire post must be deleted.

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