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Do we want to significantly increase the number of followers who follow us on social media by shooting funny videos? The ones that get the most success contain fun and upbeat piece of music, which acts as a soundtrack for equally funny scenes or moments. Obviously the content of the video must also be themed or be pleasant to see, otherwise, the chosen piece of music will “out of tune” conspicuously. In order to make these videos, we must be good at dubbing them, using tools that can quickly add the chosen song to the video we have chosen to upload on social networks.
In this guide, we will show you in detail the best programs and apps to dub videos on PC and smartphone, so you can dub the content at any time and on any device.

How to dub videos

Dubbing a video is relatively simple, just use the free programs or apps dedicated to video editing or actual dubbing (as in the case of TikTok). All the instruments that we will report to you are free and, to avoid copyright problems, we advise you to use as dubbing only freely licensed songs such as those in the guide to Sites to download free music, free to listen to even in clubs and parties.

How to dub videos from PC

To dub videos from PC, we can use free and open-source programs, without having to spend a single euro on expensive commercial video editing programs that we will use yes and no twice a year! Among all the video editing programs, OpenShot Video Editor certainly stands out, available for free for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Once you have downloaded OpenShot on our computer, open it, press the + symbol at the top to import the video file and the audio file to be added as dubbing, load the video into the lower timeline (with a simple drag), press the right button on the added video and finally click on Separate Audio -> Single Movie (All Channels).
Audio separation

A new file (in the lower timeline) containing the audio of the original video. For our purposes we can also delete it; to proceed, simply select it, right-click on it and click on the item Remove movie.
We thus got a silent video, which we can freely dub: to use the previously loaded music track, simply drag it to the lower timeline and make it coincide with the start of the video.
Dubbing program

We try to make the duration of the video coincide with that of the chosen song, so as to have a perfect music video for sharing on social networks.
If the video is longer than the music piece and we don’t want to cut or edit it, we can copy the music piece and paste it several times on the same timeline, so as to repeat it and cover the entire duration of the video.
Of course, we can also dub the video using our voice recording, obtained using a microphone and the open-source Audacity program, which we told you about in our guide How to record with Audacity from PC, microphone, or external.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for free programs alternative to OpenShot, we recommend that you read our guide Best programs to edit videos for free.

How to dub videos from smartphones with TikTok

Do we want to dub the video directly from the smartphone, without having to turn on the PC? In this case, we advise you to use one of the apps of the moment, designed for making short music videos: TikTok, available free for Android and iPhone.

To add a piece of music or a sound effect to the video we want to make, let’s create the basic video or load one of the videos already on the smartphone, let’s save it with the privacy set to Private (so you can make the changes calmly without sharing anything), open the list of saved videos, access the TikTok multimedia editor, load the video to be dubbed, press the icon Dubbing side to the right, remove the checkmark Keep original sound and then hold down the key REC for dubbing.
If we want to dub the video with a sound or a funny piece of music, just press on Sounds (bottom left) and choose one of the sound effects available for the background.
At the end of the changes, we immediately evaluate the preview of the video and, if it is to our liking, we share it publicly on TikTok.
To learn more about the use of this app, we recommend that you also read the Guide to TikTok, what it is and how to start watching and creating videos and the guide on how to Create funny videos by voicing actors, movies, or songs with Dubsmash.

Other apps for dubbing videos

In addition to TikTok, we can use other traditional video editing apps on our smartphones, so as to create dubbed videos ready to be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp chats.
One of the best apps we can try is definitely InShot, available free for Android and iPhone.

Thanks to this app we will have a simple interface within everyone’s reach to load the video to be dubbed and add music, effects, and voice recordings to the timeline (which can also be performed live with the device’s microphone). The app allows you to choose whether or not to keep the original audio and to load any song in our possession, in addition to the sounds and effects already present within the app.

Alternatively, dub videos from smartphones using the app VideoShow, also available free for Android and iPhone.

Thanks to this app we will be able to add any music track for the dubbing of the chosen video, also choosing from the free music files that the app provides within it. In addition to simple songs, we can also upload voice recordings, so you can dubbing any video before sharing it on social networks or messaging apps.

Other apps similar to those mentioned can be found in our guide to App to edit videos and edit movies (Android and iPhone).


Dubbing videos has never been easier, especially with the apps we have shown you! While a few years ago some IT preparation was required to be able to handle a video and dub it today anyone can do it, even thanks to simple apps like TikTok or one of the other video editing apps.

If we don’t want or can’t install any additional programs on our computer, let’s read the guide to Online video editing sites and to edit videos with remixes and special effects, so you can dub the video via a web browser.
To cut, edit or apply Instagram effects to our downloaded videos on smartphones, we invite you to read our guides on how to Create looped Boomerang videos and edit them (Android App) is How to Crop and Resize Videos on Android and iPhone.


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