You can now edit all messages sent on WhatsApp to correct or rewrite them

Edit WhatsApp message

One of the most awaited features on WhatsApp has finally arrived: by updating the app we can finally edit sent messages within minutes of sending (to be precise within 15 minutes), so as to quickly correct any typos or errors that can be easily misunderstood. If the 15 minutes pass, we will no longer be able to modify the message: it is therefore better to proceed quickly if we need to correct any errors.

Mella following guide we will show you how to edit already sent messages on whatsapp on Android phones and iPhone, which is a very useful function to make corrections without having to erase and rewrite everything.

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1) Edit WhatsApp messages on Android

To edit a message already sent on WhatsApp, press and hold the message that contains the error, press the top three dot button and then we choose the option Edit and we correct where necessary using the built-in keyboard.

We can only make this change within the first 15 minutes of sending a message, but there is no limit to the number of messages we can change at the same time.

2) Edit WhatsApp messages on iPhone

On iPhone, the procedure for editing messages already sent on WhatsApp is very similar to that seen for Android; after sending the message we can modify it by holding down on it and pressing on the item Editpresent in the drop-down menu, so as to display the iPhone keyboard and be able to proceed with the necessary changes.

Also in this case we will have a limit of 15 minutes from the time the message is sent: if we have made a mistake then we act immediately and correct the error, otherwise we will no longer be able to remove it (but we can always delete it).

3) Edit WhatsApp messages on PC

Editing messages is also available fromapp WhatsApp per PC e Macas well as also being available on WhatsApp Web (the web version of the service is accessible without any app installed).

Once the message has been sent on WhatsApp, we can modify it (within 15 minutes) by pressing on the arrowhead next to the text of the sent message, clicking on Edit message and using the computer keyboard to change the error present in it.

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4) How to unlock the edit function

On our phone we still don’t have the modifier key active? We needn’t worry: Meta has confirmed that the feature will be released on all phones compatible with WhatsAppbut may appear on different dates (due to worldwide rollout).

To force the arrival of the update that brings about the modification of the messages, open the store on our phone (Google Play Store or the Apple App Store), look for the WhatsApp app and proceed with the update (if present ).

On Android we can also “force” the update by downloading the latest version of the app (in APK version) from a secure site like APKMirror. On this subject we can read our guide on how to install android apps from apk files e how to install incompatible android apps for a smartphone.


The WhatsApp app therefore aligns itself with its historical rivals (i.e. Telegram and Facebook Messenger) by introducing the modification of messages, so as to be able to fix small typos without having to resort to Typos (i.e. subsequent messages in which we use the symbol * to indicate a change to the previous message) and without the need to delete the sent message and rewrite it from scratch.

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