How to eliminate yourself on the internet

Don't be found
Virtually all the websites we subscribe to become a sort of showcase of our personal information: without even realizing it the most sensitive data of our person (just think of the telephone number or date of birth) are easily available on the web, a simple search or the use of specialized sites is enough to find people starting even from a few data. This is not an open violation of privacy, given that it was we who freely provided this data, but nothing prevents us from immediately remedying it, deleting as much personal data as possible from the web and from the social networks we have subscribed to in the past ( or in which we are still registered).If we no longer want to be found ed delete all our presence of our personal data on the internet, in the following guide we will show you how not to be found on the web and on social networks, providing for the cancellation or masking of the most sensitive data and permanently deleting ourselves from the web services that we no longer use. Given that the list could be very long, we will try to immediately highlight the most famous services used by users, so as to be able to delete practically everything that concerns our digital self.

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Delete mail accounts

Almost everyone starts on the Internet by creating an email account, so they can receive and send emails or access other related services (just think of Google or Outlook). If we want to delete the traces of our email accounts we can use the guides for deleting the accounts below:

  • Google Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Apple iCloud

By carefully following the steps described in the various official guides at the top, we will be able to access the e-mail account cancellation page. Most of the cancellation procedures allow you to download the personal data created up to that moment and, in case of change of mind, we still have a few months (usually 6 months) to reactivate the account and avoid definitive cancellation.

Many of these accounts are also associated with use on modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs with Windows 10: by deleting the mail account we will also renounce the linked account on these devices.

In any case we can also use a Google account without Gmail for Android devices.

Delete social media accounts and chats

Social networks and messaging apps are the places where a lot of personal information is stored, often unknowingly. If we really want to disappear from the web we must therefore delete all the social accounts we have created so far, using the procedures described in the guides below:

  • Unsubscribe from Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Signal
  • Snapchat

Take into account that it is also possible don’t be found on Facebook and don’t be searched without deleting the account.

By deleting all the social accounts in our possession we will have reduced the vast majority of references to our person in the search engines; also in this case the accounts will be canceled within 30 or 60 days, with the possibility to reconsider and regain possession of one’s identity.

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Cancel e-shopping accounts

Even e-shopping sites keep a lot of information about us and our tastes on purchases. In order not to be found on the web, it is therefore necessary to delete the accounts for the main e-shopping sites used in Italy; the procedures for deleting accounts can be found below:

  • eBay
  • Zalando

By following the instructions carefully, we can delete all traces of our orders and prevent people from tracing us through the identity used for online purchases. Of course, shipments that have already started will still be delivered and accounts will not be deleted for 30 days.

Ask for the right to be forgotten on Google

Now that 99% of the personal data on the web has been deleted, we must proceed by exercising the right to be forgotten offered by Google.

This special deletion of our identity is provided to all citizens of the European Union and literally allows you to disappear from the web, or at least from the Google search results (which we remember is the most used search engine in the world). In order to exercise this right, all we have to do is access the page with the Request Form for the removal of personal information.

Right to be forgotten

On the page that opens, fill in all the required fields and, in the field URL of the content containing the personal information you want to remove, we insert any sites or web links where our name is shown or there are personal information that we absolutely want to delete. To conclude, we fill in the request with a valid reason (such as “personal data protection” or “stalking protection”) and press Send at the bottom.

Google is required to respond within 60 days and, if the practice is successful, the links with our personal information will disappear from the search engine searches.

Create a new anonymous and secret identity

Now that we have actually “disappeared from the web”, we can always come back but in disguise, using the tools below to hide your identity and create fictitious accounts:

  • Private VPN connection
  • Anonymous web browser
  • Dummy email generator
  • Fake credit card (for registration, not for illegal use)
  • Fake phone number
  • Create fake personal data

The combination of the above elements will allow you to create new secret accounts that cannot be associated with us, difficult to intercept and block, thus making it extremely difficult to be found on the web.


Disappearing from the web is much more difficult than you think, as any site where we have entered our personal information could very well become a public window for people to spy on us. By following the instructions in this guide, we will permanently delete most of the traces left on the web and we will be able to start over with a new fictitious identity, specially created to avoid being spied on and monitored.

Finally, don’t forget that there are some online services that make it easy unsubscribe from the internet and remove all registered accounts, in a short time.


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