How to enter the Metaverse and what can be done


One of the fashions of the moment is the metaverso, that is, a parallel universe created digitally where people can interact with other people or with things in a 3D environment developed around us (360 degrees). The metaverse feature (which differentiates it from life simulation games like Second Life) is the need to use a virtual reality viewer (VR viewer) in order to interact in them and benefit from its advantages.

In this study we will see together how to enter the metaverse and what can be done within italso showing you what hardware is needed to immerse ourselves in the next generation virtual world.

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What it takes to enter the metaverse

To enter the metaverse you need to purchase a VR headset as the Meta Quest 2 (also known as Oculus Quest 2).

Meta Quest 2

This viewer, produced by Facebook, allows you to access the metaverse created by the company (also known as Meta) and is also compatible with other services that provide access to the metaverse. The main feature of this viewer is the stand-alone: ​​the viewer works without having to connect it to a PC, thus making access to the metaverse much easier than more advanced VR viewers (such as the Oculus Rift).

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Best metaverses to explore

After getting the compatible VR headset it’s time to explore the metaverses available at the time of writing. All metaverses have unique features and offer varying degrees of entertainment and the things you can do within them.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds

The metaverse managed by Meta (the company that also owns Facebook) is called Horizon Worlds and it is currently one of the most supported metaverses, given the great effort of the company to promote the activities within it.

With Horizon Worlds we can attend concerts in virtual reality, play against other players online, record music in the virtual studio, try the career of comedians in the Comedy Club, stop and talk to millions of people in the hubs dedicated to various topics, customize your avatar digital and much more.

Full compatibility with Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Rift S make it the best multiverse that you can try for casual gamers or for people who want to see what the multiverse is up close without putting too much effort into it.



Another multiverse that we can try with our viewers is Decentralized, Decentraland is a browser-based game based on cryptocurrency. Being browser-based it is also accessible without a viewer, even if the funniest activities require a VR headset connected to the computer.

On Decentraland we will have to play and win to accumulate MANA, the cryptocurrency on which the entire multiverse is based; Obviously it is also possible to buy it by exchanging dollars and euros, but it is by winning and carrying out operations within the multiverse that it is possible to earn large amounts of MANA.

The accumulated cryptocurrency can be used for buying land and digital properties in the multiverseper customize the avatar, buy all kinds of items and trade NFTs; with this multiverse we will become real real estate entrepreneurs, digital influencers or avid collectors based on our nature.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an innovative metaverse with cubed, styled volumetric graphics Minecraft. In this multiverse we will have a variety of games to play in VR against other players, as well as special events to participate in only after purchasing a ticket or obtaining one of the rare invitations.

Even in this game it is possible buy properties and land (LAND, a dedicated NFT)therefore using a cryptocurrency to increase the number of events and places that can be visited within the virtual world. The Sandbox is one of the younger projects in the guide but the potential is huge: it is advisable to always keep an eye on it as it grows very quickly.



A service very close to the concept of metaverse is Robloxa free game in which our avatar can live thousands of different adventures in worlds made to measure for each scenario.

Roblox can also be played without a VR viewer and is also accessible for teens and children (always under supervision); the secret of its success is the Roblox Studioa real control room where you can free your imagination and create fantastic settings, with stories created from scratch and with scenarios and twists that can be freely placed throughout the map.

To learn more we can read our guide on how play create a new 3D game with friends on Roblox.


The metaverse could soon become the new fashion of the moment and everyone will at least want to take a tour to see what it is like: those interested in trying new and innovative things must run to buy a nice VR headset (whose prices are rising rapidly) e immediately start using the multiverses indicated in the guidenow that it is still possible to access it without particular restrictions or subscriptions.

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