How to enter Zoom when you receive an invitation

Zoom App CoverZoom Meetings is an extremely versatile platform that is used to organize remote videoconferences, for example, business meetings, school or university lessons as well as simple virtual aperitifs with friends, which does not require the creation of a list of internal contacts to the program; to start one Call in fact, it is sufficient to share the link to the virtual environment that hosts it with the participants, who can take part in the conference using the Zoom app on smartphones and tablets, the Zoom client on the computer or its online version from the website.

It is easy to see that whatever type of use you want to make of it, Zoom it is characterized by extreme ease of use, which makes it suitable for all types of users, from those unfamiliar with smartphones, tablets, and PCs to more experienced users.

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As mentioned above basic Zoom Meetings is free, but there are plans for using the platform that offers a few more features:

  • Basic version: it is free and allows you to make unlimited video calls to a single user and free group video calls up to a maximum time of 40 minutes, beyond which it is necessary to close the existing meeting and create a new one.
  • Pro version: compared to the version Basic it also gives the possibility to make unlimited group video calls up to a maximum of 100 participants + 1 GB space for cloud recordings of videoconferences; the cost is 13.99 euros per month.
  • Business version: compared to the version Pro extends the limit of participants who can participate in video conferences to a maximum of 300; the cost is € 18.99 per month.
  • Enterprise version: compared to the version Business extends the ability to make unlimited group video calls to a maximum of 1000 people; the cost is € 18.99 per month.

Only the user who organizes the call has the obligation to create an account, the participants in the Call can join through the link which is sent to them.

To use Zoom on a smartphone or tablet you must first download its official application, available for both Android, both for iPhone / iPad be for a computer by downloading the client from the website.

You can see how to use the app by clicking on the following link How to use Zoom, the most used program for corporate conferences, in this article, suitable for beginners and for those who have never really used Zoom, we will instead talk about how to accept invitations to join a Zoom video meeting organized by “third parties” through the link or passcode that is received through various channels such as Messenger, Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp, etc.

Enter ZOOM from smartphones and tablets

Once you have downloaded and installed Zoom, you need to click on the link sent by the host, that is, by the user who created the Call, enter your name in the appropriate text field, and click on the button Keep it going. It is then necessary to accept the conditions of use of the platform and grant the app the necessary permissions to function properly, namely those relating to access to the camera and microphone.

Using the buttons located in the bottom toolbar, you can close the microphone and camera, share content via your screen, see the list of other participants, etc. To abandon a call, instead, click the appropriate button at the top right of the screen and confirm.

The only problem with Zoom on a smartphone can be that the invitation links open on an unsupported browser instead of the Zoom app. A-Zoom call can also be accessed by opening the invitation link via Chrome on Android and iPhone.

Enter Zoom from PC

Also in this case taking part in a room created by a third party is quite elementary: just click on the link to participate in one Call which can be sent through different channels, that is Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. and give the necessary consents to open Zoom via browser, without having to create any profiles or download clients.

The platform will work exactly as via App, providing the user with the tools to disable microphone and/or camera, share their monitor with other participants, see the list of call participants, etc.

For those who don’t want to download the application on PC or Mac, Zoom is also usable via website up Chrome (not supported in any other browser), as well as an add-on (Zoom Scheduler) for Chrome is Firefox.

Steps to join a video call meeting Zoom

But let’s see in detail the steps that must be taken to participate in a call:

1. Locate the link or the code invitation: to accept an invitation to join a meeting Zoom just follow the link received.

If, on the other hand, only the identification code of the meeting has been communicated, Meeting ID, you need to open the site and click the link Enter a meeting place top right; a box will appear where you can enter the code, then a button to join the meeting. The application will automatically open or the warning to open the client installed on the PC will appear. On a computer it is also possible to open Zoom via the website: press Cancel when it asks to open the program and then press on entering from Browser. If prompted, enter the Passcode, which is the password that allows only authorized people to access the Zoom meeting.

The link has the syntax of a normal website ( ) and can be shared via email or social media.

In some cases, an attached file with the extension.ICS that you can open with Outlook Calendar (for example on Windows 10): the file is nothing more than an event saved on the calendar and shared. If you are unable to open the file directly, you need to save it, click on it with the right mouse button, and choose the option Open with> Notepad / Calendar. If you can open the Calendar a window will appear with the description of the event to which you have been invited.

2. Once copied, you need to open the link on your browser and the following screen will open:

The download of the Launcher will then start Zoom, which will automatically delete itself after running it; now click on Save File.

3. Start the file with a double click and click on Run to give confirmation; a window will appear from which it will be possible to test the audio of the PC clicking on the button Computer Audio Test and you will be able to test to verify that everything is working correctly.

In other articles, the guides for activate the webcam and to set up and test the microphone on your PC

4. Now you have to choose the name that will be displayed by the other participants and click on Come in:

5. To enable voice from your own PC click on Sign in with computer audio and confirm by clicking Done. The videoconference window will now be visible: in preview, you can see the user who organized the conference, that is the host; at the bottom left you can manage the audio and video channels related to your ID which is initially both disabled. This means that you can only listen but not speak and that you are not visible in the video, thus acting like mere spectators. To interact with the host and the other participants must enable audio and video by clicking on the relative buttons.

When one of the users actively participates in the conference, i.e. speaks, the window with the name or video (if enabled) goes to the foreground. At the top right you can see the contact list in mode Gallery View and you can see the list of participants by clicking on Blackberries and then on Participants. The total number of participants and the user who organized the call appear at the top of the screen, while at the bottom you can enable/disable your audio. To manage the audio settings, click on the icon Mute Audio, while to manage the video settings, click on the up arrow located next to the icon Start Video.

6. Clicking on the arrow at the top right will open the Chat group with which you can interact with the other participants in writing, to close which you need to click on the arrow pointing down and then on Close.

7. To leave the videoconference click on X at the top right and choose from the available options; once the call is terminated by the Host the following window will appear:

Interact with your own Team business, colleagues, or friends through Zoom is simple! Just arm yourself with a little patience and follow the directions given above.

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