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How to find an iPhone from an Android smartphone

As well known, all the iPhone they have one tracking mode integrated, call Find my iPhonewhich is enabled by default within every smartphone Apple.

So if the user has not decided to disable the setting, it is possible find your device in several ways, even using one smartphone Android.

Let’s find out how to locate your iPhone.

  • 1. How to use Find My iPhone on Android

    As just mentioned, it is possible to use the Find my iPhone function also via Android devices.

    Naturally Apple does not provide an official application for this eventuality, however, the service can also be accessed on the official website of iCloud simply using the browser for web browsing.

    To access Find My iPhone on Android, just open any browser and go to the site iCloud.com.

    That’s enough Sign in with your Apple ID and the relevant password and use the site exactly as if you were using the official application or page from a computer browser.

    To use the Find My iPhone feature simply log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and select the Find Devices mode.

    At this point, all that remains is to tap on the icon Find Devices located at the bottom of the page and wait for the system to do its job.

    If the procedure was successful the user should be able to see location of your iPhone on a map. Here, as you know, it will be possible to use the many settings developed by Apple that will allow you to erase all device data remotely and possibly permanently block the smartphone.

  • 2. How to find an iPhone with Google Maps on Android

    Perhaps not everyone knows that it is possible to use Google Maps to find your iPhone. Of course it is a less reliable system of the Find my iPhone option but if for any reason the other solution is not available, you can also fall back on this second option.

    To do this, just use the Google Maps timeline function which could help the user to understand where and when he lost his iPhone.

    Clearly this method will only work if the App Google Maps is already installed on the iPhone in question and whether they have been Location services enabled of the Location History.

    You will not be able to accurately track the location of your device but you will have access to all the paths taken before the loss and, with a little luck, go back to the last known position. Assuming and not granted that someone hasn’t stolen it.

    Google Maps allows you to view the history of movements of the smartphone and, although less accurate than Find My iPhone, can help the user to view the last position of the phone

    First you have to access the Google Maps application its an android device with it same account used on the lost iPhone. Clearly the procedure also works on any desktop browser.

    Once the application is open, all that remains is tap on your profile picture and select the item Your history.

    Here they will appear all movements made with Maps which records practically every movement of the user, even the shortest ones, such as walks around the house, so to speak.

    Therefore, albeit with less precision, it will still be possible to get an idea of ​​where the lost device may have ended up and, with a good dose of luck, find it.

  • 3. Find an iPhone with a Location App

    You can also use a third-party smartphone “monitoring” application which, of course, also allows you to find a lost iPhone.

    However, it must be remembered that this system will only work if the user has installed and configured the tracking app on the phone before it disappeared.

    Such a solution can be very useful for identifying the real-time position of your smartphone with a certain precision. Naturally the service relies on GPS to locate with the device and offers much of the exact same functionality as Apple’s Find My iPhone, including those to lock the device or play a tone in case the phone is lost inside the house.

    Using a third-party app to find your smartphone is an excellent solution as long as the user has installed and configured the program before losing the device.

    Among the many alternatives available on digital stores, we find Life360 which is available on both iOS and Android.

    To track a missing iPhone, you can log into your Life360 account from an Android phone and track the location of the device you want to track as long as it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

    For Life360 subscribers it is also possible to receive a “compensation” for the phone as long as it has been activated insurance in case of theft which, of course, has a price to pay in addition to the subscription.

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