Look for friendsFacebook was born at Harvard University in America, with the aim of keeping students in contact with each other, both during their studies and after. No one would have imagined that it would later become a worldwide network full of opportunities. Despite the growth of the platform, there is no doubt that its original function, that of stay in touch with friends and find new ones.There is no better place to reconnect with classmates or colleagues from past work and it is, for many, fun to always add new friends. In this article we see how search for the names of people we know, find new friends and how to contact people with common interests on Facebook, no need to send random friend requests.

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How to find friends on Facebook

Even if on Facebook there are suggestions from friends which are very useful in helping to discover new ones to add, there are better and more effective ways to get in touch with other people. There are no tricks, the search for new friends can be done with the tools integrated in Facebook. It is understood that each research is based on the information given by the users which must be truthful.

Obviously, those who register with a false name will be nowhere to be found as well as those who put false information or do not write anything about themselves.

First friends, first research

The easiest way to find the your friends on Facebook involves using the top search bar, starting point for any type of research. If we have recently created the profile, we immediately begin to add the people we surely know, by entering the name, surname and city in which the person we want to add lives in the search bar. After adding at least 5 or 6 people (if they have accepted the friendship) we can also go directly to the page Find Facebook Friends and check if there is any suggestion about friends of friends or about people we know directly.

If we can’t find anyone, we can also do the reverse: we provide our friends with the name and surname of the Facebook profile we have created and, as soon as we receive the first requests for friendship, we press the top of the bell to accept them.

Friends from school, university, childhood and fellow soldiers

After adding relatives and close friends it is advisable to immediately enlarge our circle of friends by opening the Facebook search bar and looking for the name of the school, university or our hometown, accompanied by the names that we surely remember.

With a little luck, we will be able to reconnect with old friends and schoolmates, whose traces may have been lost for decades. This “name + surname + school” method works well with even for those who have done military service or military service: in this case it is useful to enter the name of the barracks and the year in which the military service was performed.

Add groups and pages of our interest

If we have been good enough to expand our friendships on Facebook, we are ready to expand outside our “comfort zone”: it’s time to meet new people, perhaps never seen before. Obviously it is not convenient to add random people, but we can focus on people who have at least one interest in common with us or who follow one of our pages.

To proceed in this sense, all we have to do is go to the Facebook search bar and choose which groups or pages to follow among sports groups, IT groups, nerd groups, beauty groups, food and drink groups, painting groups and any other hobbies or pastime we love. Obviously everything will be based on our personal tastes: if we like a topic we add as many groups and pages as possible, so as to meet new people under the posts or images shared.

As soon as we get some confidence, we ask the interesting person to add us as a friend or friend, so that we can access their complete profile and also be able to exchange messages on Messenger.

Finally, let’s create friends lists

After adding so many friends to our Facebook profile, it is worth putting some order and dividing them into lists, so that we can also change the privacy settings for posts and show some content only to the lists indicated by us. To create lists and add people, all we have to do is press on the item Other in the left bar and finally press on Friends list.

In the new page that will open we will have a series of predefined lists (List without a name, Acquaintances, Closer friends e With restrictions), which we can fill with the right people for the type of list; to create new lists just press Create a list at the top and choose the names of the friends to be included in it.

Once the lists are prepared we can also change the privacy of posts right away that we will publish on Facebook, so as to show friends only what we deem appropriate. To learn more we can also read our guides Group your Facebook friends into lists to choose which news to hide and read e Move friends in the Facebook acquaintance list to hide them on Home.

Find people by name

To find profiles of people whose names we know you can do one Advanced Search through the search for Facebook profiles and pages (which in this link refers to my profile), the best tool to search for friends on Facebook. Any Facebook user can browse this list to find other people by name and discover other Facebook profiles they can interact with. All you need is to know the name of the person to find on Facebook.
However, the list only applies to those who have configured permission to keep their profile available for public search.

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Do not forget also the possibility of search for a person’s Facebook profile via Google, writing his full name. In many cases you will be able to find the right Facebook page and, depending on the permissions that the person has enabled, you will be able to see his public posts, comment on them, ask for friendship or send a private message.


Those looking to have more friends and to make new acquaintances, will certainly have fun and use a very famous and widespread social network such as Facebook, where in fact every person in the world is able to access the Internet with a PC or a smartphone / tablet. . In addition to relatives and close friends we can also add people we have just met, but we always try to add people who have the same interests as us or who participate in a group or a page where we are too.

Do not forget, then, that via the App on a smartphone it is possible to activate Facebook Dating to meet and meet new people and to find a soul mate (so to speak). To expand the discussion we can also read our guides search people friends and girls on the internet and What friends and strangers see of me on Facebook; privacy settings guide.


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