How to find out someone else’s IP address and how to avoid revealing your own

One of most common scams on the web consists of talking to people who are not who they say they are and, naturally, send messages and communications from places very different from where they should be.

When you happen to be contacted by someone you don’t know, you must always verify their identity and to do this in detail you can use their IP address.

Doing so is a rather intuitive operation but a little cumbersome, so it may be necessary to take stock of the situation and find out more on the topic.

What is an IP address

IP address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address it is a numeric string (or alphanumeric, in the case in which it is generated with the IPv6 protocol) made up of four trios of numbers (or 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal digits in the case of IPv6) which allows you to uniquely identify any device connected to Internet.

Whether it is a router, a PC, a smartphone, a security camera or any home automation gadget, it doesn’t matter: each of them, if connected to the Internet, can be identified thanks to its IP address “personal”.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical code that allows you to identify any device connected to the internet

What few people know, however, is that the IP address also allows you to locate geographically the same devices that it allows you to identify.

The assignment of IPs, in fact, does not occur randomly: each nation has a “package” of addresses IP, directly attributable to the “national territory”, which can be used exclusively by ISP (Internet Service Providerthe telephone operator and provider of web connectivity services) of that country.

Likewise, the IP structure has been designed so that the initial part of the string allows you to identify quite precisely the location from which you are connected.

Thanks to this data, in fact, it is possible to identify the country with good precision, the city with a certain approximation and with a bit of luck also the area from which you are sailing.

How IP tracking works

IP tracking

As just said, IP addresses they are linked to geographical areas well defined but, usually, the various services on the web do not show this data and a specific procedure must be followed to obtain it.

Of course, before explaining how trace an address IP a premise must be made: whether the person to be tracked uses una VPN will be able to hide your real location by showing a fictitious one.

Checking an IP address can be an excellent solution to avoid running into online scams and always be sure of the identity of your interlocutor

Having made this consideration, you need to know that to start with tracking operations you need send the person to be “controlled” a link which can be hidden inside any file, during a conversation it might not be too complicated and, for example, you could send a photo or a Word document and hide the file inside them for tracking.

After deciding what type of file to send, you need to prepare it properly to carry out its function and create a connection via a third-party service to allow position monitoring. But let’s go step by step.

How to create a tracking link

IP tracking link

First you need to upload the file to be sent for tracking to a cloud service, it makes no difference which one and the user will be able to choose between the various providers available such as Dropbox o Google Drivefor example.

Once you have uploaded the file to the site you need to create a shareable linkan operation that can be done easily from the options Sharewithin the above services.

At this point you need to go to the site IP Logger and paste the link you just obtained into the box in the center of the screen and click Get IPlogger code.

Now two links will be available, the one to send to collect the various data and the one to keep for view the information obtained; It is important not to lose this connection because without it the operations carried out up to this point will have been of no use.

The two links obtained from IP Logger allow you to trace an IP address and view all the information about it

To have greater privacy on what you are doing you can use a service for shortening URLslike the famous one, for example, but to do it first it will be necessary to act on IPLogger again.

Sites like, in fact, do not like working with tracking links, to make them accept them you have to click on the IPLogger drop-down menu and choose the option Select a domain nameticking the wording 2no.coso as to update your connection.

At this point you can go to (create an account if you haven’t already done so) and create a short link pasting the tracking link where required.

How to find out another user’s IP address

Find out another user's IP address

At this point all that remains is send to the person to trace the link just created and go to the link for viewing statistics and check all the data obtained.

Here it will be possible to see a list of all the IP addresses that have accessed the link in question and much other information relating to the devices and browsers with which users opened the link.

How to hide your IP address

Hide IP address

After seeing how to track a user’s IP address it may be useful to find out how hide your IP address in the eyes of other users on the web.

Of course, this isn’t just a whim improve your privacy on the web but it can be a great solution for navigate much more safely and feeling good away from any cyber threats.

Furthermore, with this system it will also be possible to visit all those sites that they may have regional lockdowns and restrictionsthus allowing the user to bypass these limitations and have access to any page.

The only way to hide your IP address is to use a VPN which, moreover, also guarantees safer browsing

Hiding your IP address is therefore possible but to do so you need to use a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) a solution that allows you to protect the user at 360° from the dangers of the web, hiding their identitythe performed activities and all the services used during your online activities.

We have already talked about it several times and, once you have chosen your provider (free or paid) all that remains is to configure the network on your mobile device or PC and log in with your VPN, hiding your IP address among other things.

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