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How to find Telegram channels

Telegram is one of the instant messaging applications most loved and downloaded on the web. To justify his fame are the many tools that he makes available to users for free, allowing them to communicate effectively in any situation. You can start chats between two users, group conversations or you can join channels Telegram made by professionals, companies, organizations and much more.

In the channels, in most cases, we talk about a specific topic. They may be for informational, educational or promotional purposes. Finding the ones you want to access takes just a few simple stepslet’s find out.

  • 1. Telegram channels, what they are and how they work

    Channels are a Telegram tool, useful for spreading messages and content to a more or less large audience. Chi create the channel can make it public or private. All messages written by the administrator or other authorized users will be sent to the users on behalf of the channel. Whoever manages the channel can enable signatures that allow the reader to always know who wrote the content.

    Channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers. Users can always view the entire channel history but when a message is deleted by the admin it disappears for everyone.

    Posts published within a channel have integrated a counter that monitors views obtained, both within the channel and deriving from forwarding to external users. This allows administrators to estimate the diffusion of the message.

    In channels it can be present a group chat to discuss the topic discussed if the administrator so wishes. Subscribers can access them using the comment button present in each post published on the channel. In the conversation there can be several topics which help to keep the exchange of messages in order.

  • 2. Public and private Telegram channels, what are the differences

    Channels can be created Telegram public, to which everyone can access if they wish. They can be found by their username. By entering it in the platform’s search bar, the channel appears among the results.

    Secret or private Telegram channels are closed conversationsintended only for a selected audience. To access it, you must be added by the creator of the channel or receive an invitation link from the person who opened the conversation, the administrators or members if authorized to do so.

  • 3. How to find Telegram channels from mobile devices

    To find Telegram channels from mobile devices you need download the official application of the service for free and register to create your account. It is compatible with smartphones supported by the Android operating system, with iOS and can be installed on tablets.

    Once logged in, on the Telegram home page click the magnifying glass icon located at the top right of the screen.

    In the search bar enter the name of the channel you want to find or, alternatively, a keyword. After pressing Invio, Telegram shows a number of results identified globally. Found the channel of your interest, click on his name.

    You will be able to view the published content and the number of subscribers. To take part click on joinlocated at the bottom of the screen. Click to silence notifications Silence and to turn them back on Turn notifications back on.

    To leave the channel, open its screen, click on the name in the header and click on the three vertical dots. Tap on Leave the channel and confirm your intention by selecting a second time Leave the channel.

  • 4. Telegram, how to find channels from PC

    Yes you can log in to Telegram from your personal computer using the desktop web app compatible with Windows and macOS or with Telegram Web, by registering on the official website of the platform. In both cases, the procedure for finding a Telegram channel is the same.

    After connecting by scanning the QR code via the mobile application, you will find yourself on the Telegram home page. Top left of the screen there is a search bar. Type the channel name in it and click Enter.

    Locate the channel within the results and click on the number. In the central part of the screen, all the contents published within the channel will be shown. To join and receive notifications whenever new content is posted click on Join the channelat the bottom of the screen.

    To mute the channel and not receive notifications, click Silence. To reactivate them, select Turn notifications back on. To leave the channel, tap, once the relevant screen is open, click on the three dots at the top right. Click on Leave the channel and confirm your intention by pressing on Leaves.

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