How to find the IP address of the router to use on the web browser to access its configuration panel.

IP modem
Those who surf the internet from home know very well that this is possible thanks to the use of the router, which distributes the connection to all devices (via wireless or cable). A router can have more or fewer functions, the one provided by the operators also includes the modem and be more or less powerful depending on the operator we have chosen to offer Internet at home. On all models on the market (even those supplied by the operator) it is possible to access the configuration panel to change some default settings such as the network name, the WiFi password, and the login password to the router itself, so as to increase the security of our network and have more control over the devices that can connect. To access these configurations you need to know the IP address or specific address of the router.In this guide we will show you how to find the IP address of the router depending on the model in our possession, also focusing on the modem models provided by mobile telephone operators (which in many cases have dedicated access addresses).

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How to Find IP Router on Windows PC

Regardless of the type of router, the manufacturer (also applies to Tim, Vodafone routers, etc.) or the model, we will show you in this part of the guide a foolproof method to find the IP address quickly, even if it has been changed with a non-standard IP (on particular types of networks). Following the steps described we will always be able to retrieve the router IP, the only prerequisite is to connect to the modem/router via WiFi connection or (in case you do not know the password) via Ethernet network cable.
On a PC with Windows, let’s connect to the desired network, press the icon of the network connection at the bottom right, press the item Property under the network we are connected to, and check next to the item IPv4 DNS server.
DNS server
On practically all connections the DNS server is always the modem, so we can quickly obtain the IP address without using other tricks or other methods. If in the past we have manually changed the DNS servers for the connection in use, we will necessarily have to use one of the other methods described below.

To find out the IP of the main modem or router, open a command prompt (by typing cmd in the search field below or after clicking on the Start button) and, in the window that opens, we type the command ipconfig, followed by the key Enter. Among the information and network parameters, we need to check the IP shown in the field Default gateway which indicates exactly the IP address of the router we are currently using to access the Internet on our home network.
Windows prompt

This field is present under the section Wi-Fi Wireless LAN Card if we are connected via a wireless connection, while it is present under the section Ethernet card if we are connected by cable to the router.

Alternatively, we can open the Network Connection Center in Control panel Windows, click on the side Change adapter settings, right-click on the name of the Internet connection, and then on State -> Details, so as to view the IP address of the IPv4 default gateway(i.e. the router).

Once this IP address has been obtained, simply enter it in the address bar of our web browser (Chrome or Edge) to open the administration panel.

How to Find an IP Router on Mac

On a Mac or Macbook, this information can be found by clicking on the connection icon located in the menu bar at the top right and selecting the item Open Network preferences; alternatively, we can open the menu System Preferences, take us to the section Network, where you just need to click on the type of connection we are using.
The IP address of the router is indicated with the entry Router in tab TCP / IP.

Once we got access to the router, we looked at the 10 main options on the Wifi Router: access and configuration via the web.

How to find IP routers on smartphones and tablets

On Android devices and iPhones we can use the app Fing which, in addition to the IP address of the router, also gives information about the model, brand, Mac Address, open ports, and protocols used. To proceed, download this app from Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

To use it, simply open the app and wait for the end of the search for devices on the network to which we are connected. The router will always be shown at the top of the whole list, with an IP address in plain sight; in addition to the IP address of the router, we can also obtain the IPs of the other devices on the network, in case we need to configure some port or some remote access, so as to avoid having to access each device to obtain the right IP.

IP and access names of the main routers on the market

In this part of the guide, we have collected the IP addresses of the main manufacturers of routers and routers offered by Italian telephony operators, so as to be able to immediately obtain the right IP without wasting too much time with apps or terminals.
For modems provided by telephony operators we can try in the following dedicated IPs or web addresses:

  • Fastweb: for this operator, it is possible to access Fastgate (the proprietary modem) by typing the IP address in a web browser or the name HTTP: // myfastgate /.
  • TIM: for this operator, we can access all the modems provided (even those for optical fiber) by typing the IP address in a web browser or; alternatively we can use the web address http: // modemtelecom.
  • Vodafone: with this operator, the proprietary router is accessible either by typing either by typing the web address http: //vodafone.station/.
  • Wind Tre: with this operator, the proprietary router is accessible or

If we use a third-party modem compatible with our connection, we can quickly find the IP address or website to use by reading the following tips:

  • AVM Fritz! Box: on these advanced modems we can access the configuration panel by typing or using the IP addresses or
  • S.Linksys and TPLink: the IP address of these routers is default to be written in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Belkin: the default IP address is slightly different from those seen so far, we will have to use
  • Netgear: on these routers, there is no IP address, you just need to open the site to change the settings.
  • Asus: on these router models we can access the configuration panel by typing the IP address


As you can guess from the guide, the fact that the router’s IP address is the same on many models and easy to remember makes the router settings much more vulnerable. If someone has access to the home or office network, it will not take much effort to find the IP address and login credentials of all the devices and, if desired, monitor everything you do on the Internet.

For this reason, among the options to be changed immediately on a router, it is particularly important to change the router’s default password and log in.
In another guide we have shown you how to recover the Default password and login for all Routers; if, on the other hand, we do not understand well the risks we run in leaving the default settings, we invite you to read our guide Who can see our IP address and what can they do with it?


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