How to find the IP address of the printer on the network

Can’t find the IP address of the printer connected to the wifi network? Let’s see all the methods to identify it

Network printer

Modern printers can be connected directly to the modem via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection, so that printing is available for all devices connected to the same local network.

Although operating systems have an automatic search system for devices present on the network, in some situations it may be necessary know the exact IP address of the printer, so you can access the configuration panel or manually add the printer on systems that do not detect it correctly.

In the following guide we have collected all methods to find the printer’s IP address on the network, so as to add a convenient bookmark to our browser (for printer configurations) or use it inside the PC or mobile device with problems in detecting the device. The only requirement is that the device from which we try to add the printer must be connected to the same local network as the printer

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Find the printer IP address from the integrated display

Most printers with built-in displays provide information about the IP address obtained from the network to which we are connected. To proceed then let’s go to the printer display, open the settings and let’s go to the menu dedicated to the TCP / IP configuration, to the configuration of the IP address or to information about the active connection (the name varies by printer).

Printer display

In this way we will obtain the IP address of the printer in a simple way directly from the display: all we have to do is mark it as a bookmark on the browser or keep it as a personal note (also in digital format).

Find printer IP address from PC

If the printer does not have a display or we cannot find the item dedicated to the active connection, we can find the IP of the printer directly from the PC, as long as it is connected to the same network as the printer. The best program we can use for the purpose is Advanced IP Scanner, downloadable for free from the official website.

Advanced IP Scanner

By opening this program and clicking on the button Scan we will analyze all the devices on the local network, thus also identifying the IP address of the printer we are trying to configure. In addition to finding the printer’s IP, this tool is also very effective in finding the IP addresses of other network devices, including their control interfaces.

To discover other programs similar to Advanced IP Scanner, please read our guide IP and network scanners to find connected computers.

Find printer IP address from phone or tablet

To find the IP address of the printer we can rely on the network scanning tools also available for phones and tablets. The best app of its kind is without a shadow of a doubt Fing, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Also in this case all we have to do is connect the mobile device to the same network where the printer is present, open the app and start the network scan, so as to be able to identify the IP address of all the devices present (including the our “elusive” printer).

If we want to try other apps similar to Fing for IP address scanning, we recommend that you read our guide See IP addresses connected to the wifi network from Android or iPhone.

Find printer IP address from modem

If all the previous methods have not worked, we can try the last resort to find the IP address of the printer connected to the network, i.e. access the modem control panel and check the IP address assignment (usually managed via DHCP). To proceed, we use any PC connected to the same network as the printer, open the preferred web browser (Chrome and Edge are fine) and type, in the address bar, the IP of the modem (usually

If the IP address indicated above does not work, we can quickly find it by reading the tips in the guide How to find the IP address of the home router.

Once you have accessed the control panel of the router let’s get into the menu Devices, Net, Local network O DHCP (the name varies depending on the model of modem in use) to show all connected devices, including the IPs assigned automatically by the modem.

Modem devices

In this way, we will obtain the IP address of the printer directly from the modem, so that we can use it on the PC where it is having a tantrum or within the app we are configuring for mobile printing. If we do not remember the access password of our modem we can find it default password and login for all Routers And. if needed, how to reset the modem.


The methods we have shown you above will allow you to easily retrieve the IP address of the printer connected to the network, without asking anyone for help and without using strange commands from the terminal (stuff that we gladly leave to computer experts).

The most immediate method is without a doubt the Fing app for phones and tablets, but the PC app is also not difficult to use and is probably the best choice when working on a business PC.

If the network printer does not work in any way, in other articles we have explained how connect the printer to the computer and fix wifi connection problems and the solutions to common printer problems on Windows.

If we are looking to use the network printer on an Android phone instead, we can read on how to print from android to any printer.


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