How to find the keys with a portable Bluetooth locator keychain

Bluetooth trackers On the day we were able to prepare in time to be punctual at the appointment or at the workplace, our efforts were thwarted by the “disappearance” of the house or car keys. A problem that at least once involved all of us, in desperate search for the lost keys on the sofa, behind some furniture or in some unthinkable vase. Fortunately, technology can meet us this time too, providing very valid and inexpensive tools for the most distracted users: in this guide we will show you how to find lost keys with portable Bluetooth trackers, you need real key chains equipped with Bluetooth technology and GPS locator, so you always know where we answered the keys, listening to the sound emitted as an alarm or locating it through specific apps on our smartphone.Using these little accessories we will have more excuses for being late!

The best portable Bluetooth trackers

Below we will show you how these small locators work, so we can choose the suitable model according to our needs.

How Bluetooth trackers work

The Bluetooth locators have the size and weight of a small key ring and have a button battery inside, useful for powering the small internal circuit equipped with Bluetooth, mini speaker box and (on the more expensive models) also a GPS detector.
Bluetooth trackers

Various operating modes are available, often selectable from the app or via the appropriate remote control:

  • Alarm: the simplest mode, allows you to detect the tracker simply by pressing a button on the remote control or on the app, so as to make it sound (revealing its position). To be able to play, the locator must be within the Bluetooth range (about 10-15 meters).
  • Fence: in this mode our locator will ring as soon as it loses the Bluetooth signal with our phone or remote control. Very useful to remind us immediately where we put the keys as soon as we leave or to check a suitcase when we are at the airport.
  • GPS position: the more advanced models integrate a GPS module, so they can be traced simply by opening the app and requesting the coordinates from the locator, who will show them on the map. Very useful for monitoring your wallet, valuables or as an emergency anti-theft device for cars (given its small size, it will go unnoticed even by the most careful thief).

They use a button battery as an energy source, easily replaceable when exhausted: with standard use, the button battery will last about 5 months on these devices. The work is completed with hooks, hooks and small laces with which we can fix the locator to the most disparate objects, so that we can monitor the objects we lose more easily.

Best locators with alarm

The simplest and cheapest are the locators with alarm, which work by means of a special remote control: each locator has a color or a number, which we can press on the remote control to start the acoustic warning. To turn off the acoustic warning we will have to press the button on the tracker: until we press it, it will continue to sound.
Audible alarm

The best locators of this type are:

  1. Mansso Key Finder (17 €)
  2. AOGUERBE Key Finder Wireless Key Finder Wireless Key Finder (20 €)
  3. Key Finder Makeasy Wireless Key Finder with 6 receivers (22 €)
  4. VODESON Wireless Version Key Finder Wireless Key Finder with Support Base (22 €)
  5. Key Finder – Evershop Locator for Wireless Transmitter Keys with 6 receivers (27 €)

Best locators with Fence

These locators work via smartphone apps and, in addition to the alarm system activated on request, they can ring as soon as they lose the Bluetooth connection with the phone.
Zone locator

The best locator models with fence are:

  1. GOMAN Key Finder, Wireless Locator Key Finder (13 €)
  2. Chipolo CLASSIC – Find Keys and Find Bluetooth Phone (23 €)
  3. Bluetooth Pet Trackers (24 €)
  4. Key Finder, Phone Finders wallet (28 €)
  5. FiloTag Keyfinder (34 €)

Best trackers with GPS

These are undoubtedly the most expensive and complete models, since they integrate the alarm, fence, GPS module and (in some cases) also SIM module functions, so that we can trace our locator also via the telephone network (A-GPS , triangulation of the GSM signal and automatic sending of the position via SMS). They are particularly suitable for tracking cars, motorcycles and in general any valuable object that we want to keep under constant control.
GPS trackers

The best models of GPS trackers are:

  1. Likorlove Car GPS Tracker, Mini gsm Tracking Device (21 €)
  2. Mini GPS Tracker, Kimfly Portable GPS (34 €)
  3. TKR1 Evo mini GPS Tracker (34 €)
  4. TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker (51 €)
  5. LEKEMI GPS Position Tracker (52 €)


If we often lose the keys or no longer remember where we placed the wallet, we can use one of the small locators seen in this guide to put a brake on our carelessness and always find all the bunches of keys or any other object to always carry around. In addition to the simple proximity locators, he also showed you the real GPS locators, useful for monitoring pets, minors and to avoid theft of cars or motorcycles.

If, on the other hand, we run the risk of losing your phone, we recommend that you read our guides immediately ways to track your phone (Android, iPhone) and on App to find stolen or lost mobile phone.
Do we want to install a valid anti-theft device even on our expensive smartphone? Then just choose one of those recommended in our article Mobile phone anti-theft device that blocks, locates and deletes the mobile phone via SMS.


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