How to fix Google Chrome if it doesn’t work or crashes

How to troubleshoot errors and problems in Chrome when Google Chrome stops working, crashes, or crashes

Repair Google Chrome Google Chrome is today the most used browser in the world but, like all programs, it can run into various types of errors and problemssome of them so serious as to make it impossible to surf the Internetread your mail or open your favorite social networks.

If a simple restart of the browser does not solve the problems, in the guide below we have collected all the best tips and tricks on how to fix google chrome if it doesn’t work or crashesso you can be back browsing Chrome in no time.

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1) Create a new user profile

The simplest trick involves immediately create a new user profile and try to browse the Internet, to make sure that the same errors do not occur. To proceed, all we have to do is open Chrome, press the profile icon at the top right and click on add.

In the new window, click on Continue without an accountchoose a name of your choice, indicate a color (to distinguish it from other profiles present) and press on Fine to confirm the creation of the new profile; make sure to check the item to create a dedicated shortcut on the desktop, so you can open it quickly.

After creation we open the new profile from the desktop shortcut; if this new profile works well we can transfer our old Google account to itdeleting or ignoring the old blocked or non-functional profile.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to create multiple accounts in chrome come on how to use the login management menu in chrome.

2) Reset Google Chrome

If switching profiles did not solve the problems with Google Chrome we can try to reset the entire browser using the procedure included in the program.

To restore, open Chrome, press the address bar at the top, go to the internal page chrome://settings/resetpress on Restore the original default settings and finally press on the button Reset.

The browser will return to its original settings in seconds, as if it had never been used before; after the reset we will have to Sign in to Chrome to retrieve your bookmarks, history, and extensions saved on the old profile.

3) Uninstall and reinstall Chrome

If Chrome no longer opens or the menu Settings is not available with any user profile, Chrome has a problem too serious to fix with the built-in tools and must be reinstalled.

To proceed then we uninstall Google Chrome from Settings -> Apps -> Installed appswe download the installer again from Google Chrome sitestart the executable and follow the instructions to reinstall the Google browser on our computer.

In this scenario it may be a good idea to try Google Chrome portable, the version without installation of Chrome that we can also start from a USB stick or from any folder on the computer; this version works totally separate from the other installed applications and can be an excellent alternative to the installed browsers.

4) Fix PC errors

If the installer doesn’t work or other programs show strange behavior then the problem is with the PC in usemost likely caused by a virus or an error in some system files.

To effectively remove hidden viruses on your PC we recommend you to install Malwarebytes, a scanning tool effective against all types of threats (especially those that block the use of browsers). If Malwarebytes does not detect anything, we can always use other very powerful free scanning tools, such as those seen in the ai guide free programs to clean PC from viruses and malware.

If, on the other hand, the problem concerns the system files, we can try a restore system files with the SFC command or use the DISM command to effectively repair damaged system files.


The Google Chrome browser is robust enough to resist viruses and malicious extensions, but its defenses are not insurmountable: Many PC viruses and many programs target this browser, either by changing the home screen, installing new useless or harmful add-ons, or showing redirect pages filled with advertisements or fake search engines.

Thankfully we can fix the vast majority of problems with a new profile or using the Chrome reset tool; in the most serious cases we will have to reinstall it or scan the entire PC for viruses or damaged system files.

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