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In the guides we have made over the years we have seen many ways to improve computer performance, many of which apply only after spending a fair amount of money (especially on new hardware components). However, if we cannot spend even a euro but still want a computer that behaves as if it were new, in this guide we have collected all the tricks that we can apply for free, i.e. without spending anything on the purchase of spare parts or software designed for cleaning and to increase PC performance. If nothing is broken indeed there is a good chance that the computer is not being used to its full potential and which, consequently, can be improved.Without false promises of miracles or magic (I understand that the title is a bit vague), we see in this guide the best tips for renewing your PC at no cost so you can have a faster PC in a short time and improve the quality and efficiency in daily operations.

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How to get a new PC for free

As indicated in the introduction in this guide, the password is savings: all the tips we will show you can be applied for free, without taking out even a euro from your wallet or credit card.

Clean your computer, inside and out

If your computer isn’t new, it’s almost certainly dirty on the inside. Dirt and dust are not only unsightly but are also the main cause of overheating problems of PC components and, consequently, of the noise of the fans (which have to run faster and make more noise). Overheating for prolonged periods can also lead to deterioration of the processor or circuitry on the motherboard and sudden shutdown of the PC.
We have explained what to do to clean a computer from dust inside, also recommending the use of a can of compressed air to be used on the air vents and on the keyboard.

Create a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace

It seems like a small thing, but taking care of the computer station makes the work less strenuous and less stressful for the legs, eyes and back. In other articles we have therefore written How to stay healthy when sitting at the pc is like sitting in front of the computer so as not to tire your back and eyes.
Important, then, to arrange the computer cables to hide them.

Calibrate the monitor

If your monitor has never been calibrated since it was purchased, it is worth doing it now to see if they improve the image and colors. You can use the built-in color calibration tool with Windows or macOS.
The tool for calibrating the screen in Windows it is found in the display options accessible from the Control Panel. As seen in another article, there are also some programs to download for better adjust the monitor: colors, contrast, and brightness on the screen.

Improve stereo speaker setup

Anyone who owns a 2.1 or 5.1 speaker set and has never configured the computer sound options could benefit greatly from installing the updated sound card driver and by using the manufacturer’s sound configuration program, in order to adapt the sounds to the room you are in and according to your taste.
In another article, the guide to set up 5.1 or 7.1 speakers for surround sound on your Windows computer and a solution for Improve PC audio and quality of sounds and music.

Reassign unused keys

There are keys to any computer keyboard that you never use. For example the Caps Lock or those on the right called Pause, Home, End, Bloc Scor, block num, Ins, etc. As seen in another guide, the easy program can be used Sharpkeys to remap or disable the keys on the keyboard.
And if one day, you go to buy a new mechanical keyboard then your computer will be significantly improved.

Optimize Internet Connection

In another article we have seen what slows down the network speed (wifi or wired) and the internet connection. In fact, those who surf with a Wi-Fi connection can have signal reception problems and suffer from slower downloads than normal. In any case, you can read the guide to browse the internet faster and some tricks to speed up the connection.
For check your internet speed you can use one of the sites indicated in the guide, in particular and Speedtest (by Ookla).

Overclocking the processor and graphics card

With overclocking we will get an unexpected and free improvement of the computer, even if to implement it you need to be a little expert. Overclocking relies on hardware such as the processor being set to work at a certain safe speed so that unless there is an accident, it will work well and for as long as possible.
That speed preset by the manufacturer, therefore, is by no means the maximum possible and thanks to an overclock you can free all the power of the hardware.
In another article I listed the simplest programs to use for overclock processor and video card although to get the best results you need to be willing to accept some risks and follow more specialized guides. Moreover, always for an improvement of the processor performance, you can use programs to optimizing CPU usage so that it is never 100% busy by blocking everything.

Optimize Windows

In the same way that a processor is configured to work not at full power, the Windows system is also set up after a new installation to work well and without errors on practically any type of computer. However, the default configuration is not necessarily the best possible configuration for us, so there are always possibilities to improve the performance of the operating system.
This blog can be defined as really specialized in providing guides to optimize Windows and you can certainly start from one of the most recent, the one for speed up your PC to the max.

Perform regular computer maintenance

Beyond optimization practices, the basic requirement for having the best possible computer is that it be kept neat and clean. We have seen because the computer goes slower as time goes by and also common causes and solutions of a slow computer.
In general however, it is worth following the guide for the computer maintenance so that PC maintenance is totally automatic.

Use Windows Defender as a free antivirus

If we use a free third-party antivirus, the computer will inevitably be slower at startup and when opening programs, apps, files and folders. Given how Microsoft’s antivirus has improved over the years it is worth removing any antivirus installed and focus on Windows Defender only, well integrated into the operating system and with minimal impact (even on older PCs).
To learn more, we advise you to read our guides Antivirus for Windows 10: is Windows Defender enough? is How to use “Windows Defender” antivirus.

Update all PC drivers

In addition to the audio driver (which we talked about earlier) it is advisable to update all the drivers of our computer at least once a month, especially those that constantly receive updates (video cards, Wi-Fi cards and drivers for other peripherals).
Windows 10 allows you to download device updates directly in Windows Update but to get the latest updates, we can also read our guides Update the drivers of a Windows pc automatically is Download Drivers to install safely.

Install the best free programs

If we are still using programs like Adobe Reader to read PDF files, Windows Media Player to watch videos, or Windows Photo Manager to open photos, or other commercial programs that do billions of useless things, then maybe we can really improve the software for free. PC usability by downloading and installing lighter, easier, and more immediate programs.
We can therefore start from the plank of 100 best programs for Windows PC (or even from that of 100 free programs and apps for Mac) or even find a more selected list with i indispensable programs to be installed always and immediately.


By following all the chapters of the guide we will be able to get a new computer for free, without necessarily having to buy a new one or buy internal components to update it. But if we still have an old mechanical disk inside our computer we suggest you spend something and go for a modern SSD, which will give you incredible performance by reviving even a computer with more than 5 years on its shoulders.
In this regard, we invite you to read our guides How to upgrade your old PC and resurrect any computer is Improve your PC by changing one piece and upgrading the hardware.

Still, on the subject of hardware updates designed to increase performance on a laptop, we can read our in-depth analysis Add RAM to the laptop and change disk to upgrade and renew it.


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