Let’s find out how to bring the best features of the Mac to Windows as well

Mac Windows functions

The Mac has many features that Windows users don’t have: from the lower Dock bar through the advanced window management and the handyman search system (just to mention the most obvious ones).

Anyone who has used the Mac at least once and returns to Windows will surely be happy to know that most Mac functions can be replicated in Windows with simple programs.

In the following guide we will show you how to get mac functions on windowsusing only free and easily installable applications on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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1) Preview files and folders with Spacebar

On Mac, pressing the space bar (after selecting a file or folder) you can preview it, without having to open the app that manages the file type or the folder manager.

To integrate the same function on Windows we install the app QuickLook directly from the Microsoft Store, so you can preview files right away without opening them by selecting the file and pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

This app also adds other nice shortcuts, such as volume control using the mouse wheel on the volume icon.

2) Quick Search Launchpad

The Launchpad on Mac allows you to quickly search for files and folders on your system, as well as being able to search for apps and settings in menus.

On Windows the Start menu allows you to search fast enough but no one beats Everything in speed. We install this app on Windows and set it as a system service and auto start, adding the icon next to the Start menu: we will thus benefit from a very fast and precise search on any file or folder present in the system.

3) Spotlight app search

On Mac you can benefit from a built-in app finder called Spotlightpresent as a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.

This feature can be integrated into Windows by downloading an app like Flow Launcher, which can auto-fill the name of the app you’re looking for after typing a few letters. After installing it I will just press Alt + Spacebar to launch it and start the quick search.

4) Special text selection keys

By selecting a text on Apple devices you can benefit from a special menus with app icons and quick shortcuts, very handy if we often copy text from one app to another.

Con SnipDo we can bring the same function to windows, adding a special menu every time we select a text.

Icons and shortcuts are fully customizable and it is possible to benefit from over 80 extensions for this special function.

5) Advanced screenshot management

On Mac the screenshot manager is very good (and certainly superior to the system built into Windows) but nothing beats it ShareX as a screenshot manager app on PC.

With this app we can customize each screen capture functionadd new shortcuts, edit screenshots after capture, save capture to file or clipboard, open photo editing programs and upload image to hosting services.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to take a screenshot in windows 10 and 11.

6) Mac-style interface

On Mac we find the shortcuts of opened or saved apps on the bottom dockwith the top bar reserved for option menus and system icons only.

On Windows we can get a similar experience by moving the application bar up ed using an app to add a dock like TaskbarXIvery similar to the one obtainable on Mac.


With the help of some free apps we can get Mac functions on Windows without upsetting the system and without using suspicious programs or unreliable apps. This guide integrates great with the tips and tweaks we’ve already seen in our article on how to turn windows into a mac.

Many of the functions of the Mac are not easily replicable (we will necessarily have to buy a Mac to be able to use them) but by “copying” those seen in this guide we will greatly increase productivity on Windows without regretting the Mac.

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