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How to get the most out of Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon’s Fire tablets have been around for a while low-cost favorites by consumers accustomed to this type of technology, and it’s no wonder. Beyond convenience, they offer users a powerful and versatile experience. Here are seven tricks to make the most of the features of Amazon Fire Tablet.

  • 1. Why install Google Play Store

    One of the main disadvantages of Fire tablets is their native dependency on the Amazon Appstore, which lacks the large library of apps available on Google Play. By installing the Mountain View giant’s store on Amazon Fire Tablet, the user will be able to access one plethora of Android appsincluding Google ones like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps and others.

    The beauty of this process is that it does not require any complex “hacking” procedures such as rooting or running complex scripts. It’s a pretty simple operation that invites you to download
    l’app Google Play Storee a handful of APK files from a trusted website like APKMirror.com and then proceed with the installation manually.

  • 2. Transfer apps to Amazon Fire Tablet with sideloading

    If you don’t want to mess around with installing the Google Play Store, there’s another way to expand your app collection: sideloading. This method involves installing apps from third-party sources than the official app stores so you can take advantage of a more diverse set of tools and features.

    Amazon Fire Tablets make this process simple, and while finding the APK files can take a little effort, websites like APKMirror.com they can help. Just visit the page in Silk browser and search for the app you need. Make sure to optare per i file “APK”not the ones labeled “Bundle”.

    Once the download is complete, tap “You open” from the message that appears at the bottom of the screen. Give consent to “install unknown apps” and then tap “Settings”. Slide the switch to “Allow from this source”. Go back to the previous screen and press “Install” to complete the APK installation. The app will be added to your home screen in the ” tabHome“.

  • 3. Expand your storage space with an SD card

    Most Amazon Fire tablets come with one slot for an SD card. Very useful for digitally storing large amounts of data since often when the price is so low, you tend to compromise on storage space. With an SD card it is possible add space quickly and cheaplyfor example another 128 GB for less than 20 euros.

    To get started, insert your SD card and follow the instructions to format it. Acting from Settings > Storage There’s also the option to store apps on the SD card to free up the device’s built-in storage space.

  • 4. How to customize the keyboard on Amazon Fire Tablet

    Fire tablets are essentially Android devices, which means you can take advantage of the main features of this operating system. If you are not satisfied with the Amazon keyboard as standardyou can easily switch to a different one by exploring the solutions made available by the Amazon Appstore or the Google Play Store.

    Once you have found a keyboard you like, you need to enable it in the “Settings“walking his Device Options > Keyboard and Languagetouching “Show/Hide keyboards” and selecting the one you installed. Then select “Current keyboard” to choose it from the menu. From now on, when you type something, there will be a little keyboard icon in the navigation bar that you can press to use it.

  • 5. Turning your tablet into an Echo Show is possible

    Why invest in an Echo Show when Amazon Fire Tablet can turn into one smart display compatibile con Alexa? If your Fire tablet is compatible, you can switch to “Show mode” from the quick settings panel.

    Simply swipe down from the top of your tablet’s home screen and tap the dedicated switch or simply say “Alexa, switch to Show mode“. This trick allows you to take advantage of the features of a smart device, putting useful information and controls at your fingertips. So you can afford to have a Echo Show on a budget.

  • 6. Free up space by removing pre-installed apps

    When you first set up your Amazon Fire Tablet, you may notice a handful of pre-installed apps. It is likely that not all of them are in line with your preferences. Fortunately, they can Easily uninstall unwanted apps by tapping and holding their icons on the home screen.

    To remove multiple apps at once, select “Edit home screen” from the menu. Please note that while you can remove many apps that are present by default, some may not be removable.

  • 7. Delete suggestions from the Amazon Fire Tablet home

    The Amazon Fire Tablet home screen may be full of tips and advice, which can be annoying. Fortunately, you can tidy up the interface by removing these elements.

    At the top of the “Home“there are named sections”Continues” with recently used apps and “You discover” which contains ads for Amazon products and media. To clean up your home screen, just tap and hold any item within these sections and select “Remove from Home” o “I am not interested“.

  • 8. How to get rid of ads on the lock screen

    If annoying ads appear on your lock screen, it’s good to know that you can remove them for a small fee. To do so, visit the page “Device management” on the Amazon website and select your tablet to find the “Remove offers“. For around $15, you can enjoy an ad-free lock screen – a small price to pay for an improved experience.


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