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Do we never know what to give to a relative or a friend for the holiday season or for any special occasion? Instead of giving gifts that are unlikely to be appreciated, or even if we arrived at the last minute, we can give the birthday boy the opportunity to buy what he wants most on Amazon, through a gift voucher.Amazon gift vouchers can be given as a gift in different ways, it’s up to us to choose the most popular version.
In this guide, we will show you how to give Amazon vouchers in all its forms, from card formats to formats that can be shared via email or chat, so as to provide the sum of money chosen in the form that best suits us or whoever has to receive it. Many of the Amazon vouchers are customizable, so it is also possible to gift multiple different Amazon vouchers based on who is to receive it.

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Amazon Gift Card Guide

Amazon coupons allow you to top up your Amazon balance for themselves and for other users of the site. The Amazon balance is a real credit that you can use to make any purchase on the famous e-commerce site without having to use the default payment method; if we have never viewed the Amazon balance of our account before, all we have to do is visit the dedicated page.
Amazon balance
For example, if we have € 100 of Amazon balance we can buy any item without having to deduct money from the credit card or prepaid card entered as a payment method (they will remain available, they will not be removed from the system!). For expensive purchases, you can either use your entire balance or pay the remaining difference with your payment method, saving you a lot of money.

Amazon vouchers, therefore, allow you to top up your Amazon balance, so you can make any type of purchase. They are also offered for refunds made in case of problems (only from assistance) and all last 10 years from the time of issue (those who receive an Amazon voucher as a gift have 10 years to use the sum).
Giving an Amazon voucher will allow the birthday boy or the person to receive a nice sum to be able to top up their Amazon account and make purchases. A very technological grandfather could give the famous “Christmas present” in this format: all grandchildren and children will appreciate it for sure!

How to give an Amazon voucher

Now that we know all about Amazon gift cards, let’s see how to buy and give them away. First, let’s make sure you have an active Amazon account; if we don’t have one, let’s go to the main Amazon page, click on top Hi. Log in Accounts and lists and finally press on New client? Start here. After filling in all the data and receiving the confirmation email, we can give an Amazon voucher by taking us to the page dedicated to Amazon Gift Vouchers.
Coupons page
The screen offers all types of gift cards that Amazon supports; we have ample room for choice, as can also be seen in the list below:

  • Digital coupons: these vouchers are the simplest and can be easily shared via email, just choose the amount to give, fill in the virtual card, and enter the recipient’s email. In addition to the simple card, you can shoot a greeting video, add a personalized photo, or create a bookmark (which can also be used after redeeming the code). The coupon shipped will contain a code to redeem the Amazon coupon.
  • To print: we can also get vouchers to print with our printer, so as to provide a paper gift. The voucher will contain your personalized message and a code to redeem the Amazon voucher.
  • In a birthday card: Make your voucher special by having your Amazon signed greeting card sent to you within one working day. Customizable graphics for any type of event and personalized message, to which you add the code to redeem the Amazon voucher.
  • In a slipcase: the most elegant and complete version, the message or the greeting card will be kept in a colored box, complete with a bow. Possibility to customize the ticket and the box, as well as the message to be inserted inside. Also in this case there will be a code to redeem the Amazon voucher.

Once you have chosen the style and method with which we want to give the voucher, it will be sufficient to choose the amount to give and enter the requested information, including any customizations. For example, if you want to give the box to contain the gift voucher, you can choose a multitude of themes and shapes, even for specific holidays (for example Christmas-themed boxes or boxes for birthdays or special events).

On the voucher page, all the various forms and customizations of the same are available, while under the field Name you can choose the amount to give as a gift within the Amazon voucher.
The prices of the vouchers vary according to the type chosen: it is possible to give sums of money from € 0.15 up to € 5,000 (for paper vouchers). If you choose digital vouchers you can send them via email, so they will be immediately available (we can also send them to our email and forward the gift at the appropriate time). If you choose instead paper vouchers or boxes, they will be sent to the address assigned within 1 working day (they use the Italian Post Office as a quick shipping method).
In Amazon gift vouchers sent by post, we can find the voucher code by scratching the silver part on the back or inside.

How to buy an Amazon voucher in-store

Amazon allows you to buy Amazon gift cards even using paper money! All we have to do is go to a large electronics store (Euronics, Unieuro, MediaWorld, Expert, etc.) or in a shopping center e look for the Amazon coupon among those available.
Physical good
This solution can be very interesting if we don’t have an amazon account, we don’t want to create one but we still want to give an Amazon voucher to grandchildren or children, paying with any type of credit card or using banknotes at the cash desk.

How to redeem an Amazon voucher

We received an Amazon voucher as a gift but we don’t know how to redeem it? The operation is really very simple and anyone can do it. To proceed, simply have an Amazon account (if we do not have one we use the same procedure seen above) and, as soon as we are ready, let’s go to the page dedicated to redeeming Amazon Gift Vouchers.
Good redemption
We will see a new window open with a text field; we type the code we got from the gift voucher and click Add to my account. In a few seconds, we will see the balance update to the value of the voucher we redeemed; now we can use this figure to make any type of purchase on Amazon.
If instead the Amazon voucher was provided to us by support (such as a refund for a returned item or as partial compensation) it will be automatically added to our Amazon balance, without having to type anything! Just check the Amazon balance on the page seen above, so as to verify the correct loading of the Amazon voucher provided as a refund.


The Amazon gift voucher is a great way to please relatives and technological friends who are difficult to please: you choose the amount to give, you choose one of the formats of the Gift Certificate and you send it or send it (also in digital format). If, on the other hand, we are “old-fashioned” and we only have cash we can still buy Amazon vouchers in the store and give away cards with the secret code, so as to make happy all those who expect the “gift” from us.

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