Gift card store Among the most appreciated gifts to give to friends at Christmas or on other occasions we certainly find the gift cardequipped with a prepaid credit (chosen by us), available in various shapes and colors and easy to redeem by any user (even not very accustomed to technology).

We actually find gift cards for any modern online account: with it the gift recipient can buy apps, new games, new devices, renew streaming subscriptions and much more.

In the following guide we will show you how to give apps and credit on the iPhone, Android, Amazon and Windows Storesshowing you the procedures for buying gift cards directly online for the most used services of the moment, so as to always have a gift idea ready even to be delivered at the last minute.

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1) Gift apps and Apple credit

We can give friends who own an iPhone, an iPad, a Mac or any Apple device a Apple Gift Card directly from the Apple site.

To proceed, all we have to do is open the indicated site, select Emailset up an Apple theme, choose the amount from the predefined ones (to customize the amount press on Other amount and type the number), set the recipient’s name and email address, enter the sender’s name and email address, choose a personalized message (based on the event to be celebrated and finally press on Select to be able to sign in with your Apple ID account.

The system allows you to pay both using Apple Pay (and the related payment methods that may be included in it) either by credit/debit card or PayPal (to be entered at the time of payment).

Alternatively we can buy theApple Gift Card su Amazonusing Amazon’s shipping system to send the gift to the recipient.

How to redeem Apple Gift Card

The recipient of the Apple Gift Card you will receive, within the email, a 16-digit code, to be redeemed within your Apple account according to the device in your possession.

  • If you have an iPhone or iPad you can redeem the code by opening theApp Storeby pressing the profile icon at the top right, pressing on the item Use gift card or promotional codeby pressing on Enter the code manuallyproviding the numbers of the gift card and finally pressing on Use code.
  • On Mac you can redeem the code by opening theApp Storepressing the profile name at the bottom left, clicking on the item Use gift cardentering the 16-digit code in the appropriate field and pressing on Use code.
  • On Windows, you can redeem the Apple Gift Card by opening theiTunes applicationby pressing at the top of the menu Accountby clicking on the item Use codeentering the 16-digit code in the proposed field and finally pressing on Use code.
  • On Android phones and tablets you can redeem the code by opening the app Apple Musicpressing on the three dots at the top, pressing on Accountthen up Use gift card or code and providing the gift card code.

To check the balance amount all we have to do is open the App Store (from iPhone or iPad) and press the profile icon in the upper right corner; the balance can be viewed in the lower left corner (immediately under the account name) by also opening the App Store on Mac; from a Windows PC open iTunes, press up on up Store and check the balance under the account name.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to sign up for an apple account without paper.

2) Give apps and Google Play credit

If the gift recipient owns a android devicea Nest Mini and/or use the services a lot Google Play (books, music and movies) the best gift is the Google Play purchase codethe gift card authorized by Google and available on Amazon.

To proceed, open the dedicated Amazon page, choose the amount, enter the recipient’s email, confirm the sender (that is, our name), enter the greeting message, choose the quantity, enter the sending date (we can also postpone sending) and finally press on Buy now.

Now we can use the payment methods supported by Amazon to buy the gift card and send it, in the form of an e-mail message, to the recipient entered on the Amazon page.

How to redeem Google Play purchase code

The recipient of the purchase code will receive an email with the code to redeem his gift; can use any Android device, a Windows computer or a Mac for the purpose.

  • On Android devices, the code can be redeemed by opening the app Play Storepressing on the top right on the profile picture, pressing on Payments and subscriptionsby clicking on Use codeentering the code provided by the gift card and finally pressing on Uses.
  • From PC and Mac it is possible to redeem the code by opening the page Redeem Google Play code from any web browser, by entering the code and pressing on Uses.

To verify the correct use of the e check the remaining balance available just open the page Google Play balance from any PC or take us to the path Play Store -> profile icon -> Payments and subscriptions -> Payment methods da smartphone o tablet Android.

3) Give Amazon credit

Amazon gift cards are one of the easiest ways to make a gift to a person or friend who has an Amazon account and prefers to buy technological products and gadgets online.

To buy an Amazon voucher just open the dedicated page, enter the amount, the shipping email address and the personalized message; whoever receives the Amazon voucher will simply have to open the Amazon voucher redemption pageenter the code and associate it with your account.

To check your Amazon balance just open the balance page available on Amazonwhich we can also use to quickly top up the account.

On this topic we invite you to read our guides on how to gift an amazon voucher come on how to give last minute gifts, without shipping.

4) Gift Microsoft and Xbox apps and credit

To friends and family who use PCs with Windows or shop frequently from the Microsoft Store we can give the Windows Store gift cards.

From the site indicated we can choose gift cards to use on Xbox (to buy games for Microsoft consoles or to renew Xbox subscriptions) or buy cards to top up the Microsoft Store balance, so you can buy the apps available from the integrated store in Windows 11 and in Windows 10.

Microsoft and Xbox gift cards help provide the same balance: Once redeemed in your Microsoft account, they add to your one-time balance and can be spent both on the Microsoft site and in the Xbox game store.

Also in this case we will have to choose the amount and enter the email of the recipient of the code, in addition to the personalized message; whoever receives this code can redeem it quickly by opening the page to redeem Microsoft codes and entering the code provided in the email.

The balance associated with our Microsoft account it can be viewed by opening the page manage Microsoft paymentsat the top of the window.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to use the windows 11 and 10 microsoft store to download and update apps and on best applications for Windows 10 and 11 to download for free from the Microsoft Store.


With a gift card we can give a much appreciated giftespecially if the recipient of the code is a young or very young person: it is precisely the young who use the balance of the stores included in phones and PCs to buy new apps, purchase subscriptions and make in-app purchases.

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