How to have ADSL Internet without TIM and telephone line

Solutions for having ADSL internet even if the house is not connected to the landline and without a TIM connection


Wireless internet Unfortunately we live in a country that, despite the efforts of the telephone companies, still has many cities and entire neighborhoods without a fast Internet connection, especially for those who live in the suburbs in the big cities or in countries on the borders of the provinces (where to upgrade the cables and the power stations) it is never convenient for TIM and the other operators).
This is not the usual “populist” or instrumental controversy, but a fact, a serious problem that many people have: there is no possibility to have a landline to connect to high-speed internet (and for high speed, we mean at least 10 Mega per second in download).
In this guide we will explain how we can get an ADSL internet connection without TIM and connect the telephone line, taking advantage of one of the many wireless connection methods (with different technologies available). These operators are excellent if we do not have fiber optic coverage (FTTH or FTTC) in our neighborhood and if the ADSL fails to exceed 10 Mega in download.

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How to have Internet without a telephone line

In the USA the telephone network infrastructures are, in the vast majority of cases, owned by TIM, which as a private company could decide not to bring fiber optics to our city, our neighborhood or our building for a mere economic issue ( there would not be enough subscriptions to make it profitable). If the TIM infrastructure is missing, it is very difficult to subscribe also with other telephony operators (Vodafone, Fastweb, Wind etc.), given that practically all of them rely on the network managed by TIM to provide a fixed Internet connection (only in large cities do the other operators arrive with their fiber network optical).

Fortunately, the technology has continued and, even in the complete absence of an ADSL connection or in case of a connection too slow for current standards, we have a valid alternative to the classic telephone cable: we can indeed have ADSL without Telecom (or TIM), taking advantage of cellular telephone networks (which have become increasingly faster over the years), satellite connections (very expensive and not very practical in reality) and wireless ADSL connection providers (which offer connectivity via external antennas).

LTE keys and modems

The first method that we can use to have the Internet without TIM and classic telephone line is to use LTE keys or modems, in which to insert a SIM with active Internet data offer.
If we are looking for an LTE USB stick, we recommend you bet on the Huawei E3372, available for around € 45.
LTE key

This LTE key is excellent for connecting a single computer (fixed or portable) to the Internet quickly and quickly (especially if we have good LTE coverage).
If instead, we wanted to connect more devices at home to the LTE network, we advise you to focus on TP-Link TL-MR6400, sold for around € 70.
LTE modem

This modem connects to any LTE network and provides a configurable Wi-Fi network to which we can connect all our devices, so as to have Internet without Telecom or TIM.

Both devices require a SIM card with Internet enabled and an offer suitable for home traffic; currently the best offers to consider are the unlimited 3Cube GIGA, which offers no traffic limits to € 14.99 per month, with modem included in the price.
LTE Flat
Alternatively, the Iliad offer is also excellent, which for just 8 euros per month offers a data connection from 50 GB, sufficient for most uses.

In another article we told you about the costs and limits of mobile internet subscriptions in Italy, so you can find other offers dedicated to those who want to use an LTE SIM to surf at home (although unfortunately, no other operator offers a real full flat).

Satellite Internet

The satellite solution has always been one of the most congenial solutions for overcoming the physical limit of the cable: there is no need to do any verification of coverage since the satellite works everywhere, even on top of a mountain, as long as the antenna “sees” the sky.
Satellite Internet
As you can imagine, a satellite dish will be installed on the terrace of your home or on the roof rather than connecting the modem to the Internet, using special satellites put into orbit for this purpose. The antenna allows you to receive packages for download and upload, at relatively good speeds compared to ADSL (you can easily reach up to 50 Mega per second in the best network conditions).
The companies that supply satellite internet in Italy today are essentially two:

  1. skyDSL, which provides flat rates for home and fast connections for companies;
  2. Konnect: which offers customizable plans for the home and for companies;

If we live in the mountains or in a fairly desolate area, the Internet connection via dish could be the only way to surf the Internet permanently without a landline.

WiMAX and ADSL Wi-Fi Provider

The last method proposed is the more balanced one, both in terms of costs and in terms of installation and connection speed, given that they use WiMAX and dedicated LTE connections (different from those reserved for mobile phones).
WiMAX is a type of wireless technology that works via a repeater and a receiver antenna. The receiver is installed on the roof of the building or on the terrace of an apartment so you can receive the signal and surf the Internet. The companies that supply the Wimax offer flat rates at low costs and speeds up to 20 Mega per second, more than enough to surf the Internet without being pretentious.
To enhance the service, many wireless operators also offer LTE-type connectivity (dedicated only to the service), so as to be able to reach more users and guarantee speeds of up to 100 Mega per second.
The companies that currently provide ADSL without a fixed telephone line with these technologies are:

  1. Linkem
  2. EOLO
  3. Siportal
  4. Beactive
  5. Air ADSL
  6. Ehiweb

Coverage can be checked at the various sites of these companies by providing a phone number of a neighbor or address. For rates, options and all details, I refer to the official websites.


Some of the proposed solutions can solve the problem of the digital divide in Italy, especially if we have good LTE coverage (to exploit the unrepeatable offer without limits of the Tre). If we live in really remote places, we can always take advantage of the Internet via satellite or focus on one of the wireless operators available in Italy, among which we certainly stand out Linkem and EOLO.

To know the speed we can reach with our new activated line, we advise you to carry out a test, as described in our guide to the ADSL test: how is internet speed measured?
If instead, we want at all costs a fixed Internet connection (perhaps to play online), we advise you to read our article on Best Optical Fiber: coverage verification and offers.


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