How you can hide applications, files, photos and entire folders on Android tablets and smartphones

Hide photos videos phone In these days when everyone is worried about privacy, smartphones certainly don’t let you sleep peacefully. In fact, anyone can take our smartphone in hand and open, for example, the photo gallery to find our shots or browse the applications and open them to spy on what we do.

There are thousands of ways to protect content on your device and make it inaccessible to others, either in a strong and secure way or even in a light way, simply by hiding it. In this guide, we find out how hide applications, files, photos and folders on Android tablets and smartphones.

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Hide photos and videos on Android phone

1) Files di Google, excellent application created to manage the internal memory of the smartphone, featuring a convenient function to hide and keep personal files protected. You can hide photo folders or individual files (documents, videos, etc.) so that other people who can take your phone do not find them. The option to hide files is found by pressing the button with three dots next to a file or folder and can be found from the main screen, in the special security folder.

2) Another app that we can use to hide apps but also videos and photos is Applock. With this we can hide the app icon from view or we can leave it but activate a fake crash message for the protected app, so only those who know the exact procedure and the secret PIN will actually be able to access.

3) Per hide files and folders we can use an advanced file manager like Mi File Manager. From the app you can use the tool to hide folders or use a manual method: navigate to the folder with the photos or videos you want to hide, rename it with . in front, giving as a name for example .my-photos. To hide the files in a folder from other applications, simply create a new file by naming it .nomedia. These files are visible in Mi File Manager only by activating the display of hidden files in the options. For example, this way you can hide the WhatsApp photo folder from the Gallery app.

4) A good app for hiding photographs and videos saved in the image gallery (both the shots taken and the photos exchanged on social media and visible) is GalleryVault. Once opened, simply select the photos or videos to hide, so that they immediately disappear from view from the gallery. It supports password, PIN or fingerprint protection and allows you to synchronize hidden contents in the cloud, so you never lose them even if your phone is formatted.

5) The most effective app for hiding anything that needs to be kept hidden is Hide it Pro. Once installed, simply choose a PIN, password or unlock path and take advantage of one of the many options available to hide compromising apps or photos, videos or songs in a single tap. It also offers an anonymous browser to use and is able to camouflage itself by modifying the icon and the “front” functionality: it can present itself as a completely anonymous (and functioning) audio mixer, but through secret taps we can access the password or unlock required to access hidden material only when we are away from spies.

6) Another app to absolutely try to hide videos and photos on your Android device is Vaulty. The app offers a convenient gallery where you can indicate the videos and images that you want to hide from the gallery app and from the system memory, protecting them with a password and a PIN. At any time we can reopen the app, unlock the secret archive and review the hidden content away from prying eyes.

7) Another very modern, simple to use app for hiding photos and videos on an Android smartphone is Keep safe where you can create a protective PIN to prevent unauthorized people from seeing certain private photos and videos.

8) An app that works very well for hide photos and videos And Galley Hide already described among app to manage photo gallery on Android.

9) PRIVARY is a good app to hide photos and videos on our Android phone effectively. The main feature of this app is the encrypted backup function on the cloud: our secret archive is uploaded to Google Drive with high encryption (AES-256), so you never lose your secret photos and videos (accessible only via this ‘app).

10) LockMyPix it is a very convenient app for hiding photos and videos on our smartphone, keeping them away from prying eyes. The app is able to take photos of those who try to break into the private safe (using the front camera every time the PIN is wrong) and also provides the innovative double safe: we can create a “fake” safe where you can insert non-compromising contents and, through a different procedure, access the actual private safe.


Even without using complex apps we can hide photos and videos on Android relying on the apps indicated above, all free and very simple to use; obviously we try never to forget the PIN or associated password!

We saw in another article how to block applications from opening on android. If instead we wanted to hide the apps we can proceed by adopting a launcher like Novawhich offers this possibility among its many functions.


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