Do we receive too many compromising messages on iPhone? Let’s find out all the effective and safe methods to hide messages on iPhone

iPhone Secret Messages

On iPhone, message notifications can compromise the confidentiality of any conversation, exposing unexpected situations and forcing users to read messages secretlyleaving suspicions and doubts behind.

Luckily modern iPhones can be configured to hide messages effectivelyso that no one (except us) will be able to read them, especially if we use methods that involve the use of biometric data (Face ID and Touch ID) to unlock protected and secret contents.

If we have a lot to hide on our iPhone in the following guide we will show you the Effective tricks to hide messages on iPhoneputting the methods already included in all iPhones first and finally showing you the most secure secret apps (with biometric protection or security code).

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1) Hide notification previews

The first effective change concerns the Notification previews on the lock screenwhich can immediately undermine the secrecy of the conversation in the event that the iPhone ends up under the eye of a curious user (he won’t be able to unlock the phone but can mind his own business from the lock screen).

To remedy this secret message window, we open the app Settingslet’s press on Notificationslet’s press on the menu Show previews and let’s raise the voice When unlocked. From now on only we will read the contents of incoming messages after unlocking the phone: on the lock screen we will only have anonymous warning messageswithout sender and without preview content.

If we don’t want the change to affect all the apps on the phone, just take us to Show previewsscroll to the name of the app you want to hide, press on it and change the Show previews item, under the section Lock screen appearance.

The more cautious can also activate the voice May in Show previewsso as to force us to always open the app we use to hide messages to read them (excellent if we want to apply the next trick).

2) Use Screen Time

The Screen Time feature is perfect for hiding messages on iPhonegiven that we will block the messaging apps we use for secret messages behind a password, which is necessary to be able to read notifications and to be able to read messages.

To configure this function for the purpose let’s take ourselves along the path Settings -> Screen timewe press on Turn on Screen Timewe choose It’s my iPhone in the next window, we press on the item Redeem Code Screen Time and choose the code to use to protect secret apps.

With the configured code let’s go to the menu App limitationslet’s press on Add usage restrictionwe provide the protection code, we open the section Sociallet’s check the apps we use to send secret messages (for example WhatsApp o Messages), press on Avantiwe set 1 minute as waiting time, we activate the voice Block at end of limit and we confer at the top right on add.

One minute has passed since the lock was activated messaging apps will become darker: now they are totally locked and just by pressing on it, by pressing on Request more timeby entering the code and setting a new timer for unlocking (15 minutes for example) we will be able to access the app and the notifications received in the meantime.

This method is quite inconvenient but very effective, given that the apps will be completely blocked and inaccessible until unlocked using a dedicated code; we can add this blocking system to any other advice seen in this guide, increasing the chances of not being caught or letting secret messages shine through.

3) Use Telegram secret chats

The first external app that we recommend using to hide messages on iPhone is Telegramavailable free of charge fromApple App Store.

Once the Telegram app is configured on our phone we can protect the secret chat (and hide the messages inside it) by pressing on the bottom right Settingspressing on Privacy and securityselecting the menu Codice e Touch IDby pressing up Activate code and choosing a new 6-digit code (different from the one used for Screen Time).

After choosing the code we set Automatic lock are If absent for 1 minute and we activate the voice Unlock with Touch ID/Face ID. Now all messages in the app will be protected by biometrics and cannot be read after we step away from the app for a minute.

By joining this function to the function of self-destruction of messages and at encrypted and secret Telegram chats we will have an effective and safe method available to hide all messages on iPhone, spy-proof and suffocating control.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to send private secret messages with Telegram.

4) Use WhatsApp secret chats

WhatsApp also lends itself well to hiding secret messages, especially after the latest updates (which have added ephemeral messages e secret messages).

To protect your chats WhatsApp from prying eyes let’s open the app, let’s go to the menu Settingslet’s get on the path Privacy -> Lock screenwe activate the voice Touch ID and let’s raise the voice Immediately to block the app immediately.

While waiting for the Chat Padlock to be activated on the iPhone too, we can hide the notifications and message previews on the compromising chats by pressing on the chat, pressing on the name of the chat to be hidden, pressing on Silence and setting Always as an option.

For greater security we can also enable ephemeral messages on the same screenso as to delete secret or compromising messages yourself after a certain period of time (minimum 24 hours).

5) Other apps for exchanging secret messages

In addition to Telegram and WhatsApp we can use other valid apps to hide messages and exchange secret information without being discovered:

  • Signal: the reference app for secret and secure chats.
  • Snapchat: the queen app of messages that disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • Facebook Messenger: the best for those who have many friends on Facebook, now also equipped with secret chats.

On the same topic we can read our guide to app to send private or disappearing photos.


Even on the iPhone we can keep our privacy safe, sending secret messages and maintaining unmentionable relationships with some simple functions included in the phone and using only the best apps to hide messages.

We remind you that these tricks are effective against people who do not know computer science and technology well; a trained person could however monitor your phonespying on what we do or write remotely.

If we need to protect compromising photos we suggest you read the article on app to protect secret and private photos in your phone.


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