hide videochat background Working from home is quite simple, but requires some precautions, both to concentrate and to remain professional. For anyone who doesn’t have a home studio, that’s if they work in video conferencing or participate in video calls or online school lessons staying in the bedroom or in the living room or even sitting at the kitchen table, it would be preferable hide what’s behind. The same can also be said for those who often make video calls to friends and relatives if they do not want to see the clutter around in the background or to maintain a minimum of privacy on what is happening inside the house.
For this reason, many of the best video conferencing programs allow you to completely hide the background, that is what is behind us while we are filmed from the webcam or camcorder. So you can insert a virtual background colored green or blue, or you can blur the background so that it is not clear what is behind or even show an image behind us of a beautiful, more relaxing landscape.1) Zoom
Among the video conferencing programs dedicated to remote work, which also have the possibility of creating free accounts for personal use and for group video calls, Zoom it is certainly one of the most used in the world.
The Zoom program is equipped with some excellent tools to make video conferencing simple and professional, also with the ability to transform the background in the way you prefer, hiding what is taken up behind the person’s figure.
To enable the functionality of the virtual background for all members of an organization, one must go to Account settings and turn on the option switch Virtual wallpaper in the card Meeting.
In group video calls, you can enable the feature for all members by pressing on Group management, then press on the group name to open the Settings where to find, in the tab Meeting, the virtual wallpaper option.
The Zoom support page contains all the instructions on how to do it, depending on the computer or smartphone used.

2) Microsoft Teams
If you use it Microsoft Teams to organize remote work you can hide the background during online video conferences, with a blurry effect. To start a meeting with background blur, just use the blur slider, on the right of the screen Choose your audio and video settings. To activate background blur during a meeting, press More options> Background blur.

3) Skype
With Skype, you can blur the background as it does in Microsoft Teams. To do this, press on the icon video to open the video options to find the option that blurs the background, to put the person in the foreground. The feature is available for most desktop and laptop computers with the updated version of the Skype app for Windows 10 (see also instructions from the Skype site).

4) ChromaCam
For any other video conferencing program or service, you can try the software ChromaCam for Windows that supports Skype, Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts, XSplit, OBS. This is a Windows-based desktop application that can work in tandem with a regular webcam. It can be combined with several video chat programs (theoretically all). Once the program is installed, which is available as a free version, you can remove the background by making it green, blur the background, add images behind us, or even, in the premium version, video streaming effects, personalized logos, or a PowerPoint presentation such as backgrounds.

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