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How to identify a song, 8 methods to try

Songs that are broadcast on the radio, soundtracks from films and TV series, old files that are mislabeled or simply songs that you know, but whose title you don’t remember. It may happen frequently that you need to find the name of a song so you can listen to it whenever you want or add it to your playlist on Spotify or other audio streaming platforms.

To be able to find the title of a song access to an internet connection is sufficient and choose one of the numerous tools you can use: there are voice assistants for smartphones and more, applications for mobile devices supported by both the iOS and Android operating systems, websites, forums and communities.

Song identification can take place using your smartphone or personal computer. Different tools and platforms work differently whether the song is playing in real time or has been listened to previously. Let’s find out how to do it.

  • 1. Finding a song online, relying on voice assistants: how to use Siri

    If you use a smartphone you can use voice assistants like Google Assistant (Android) or Siri (iOS). This is an extremely quick and immediate method for identifying a song you are listening to and that is playing. Another great advantage of this method is that does not require download of applications on the phone, but the search takes place directly on the internet.

    To use it is necessary say the trigger word or phrase of the voice assistant or press the dedicated button on some tablets and smartphones e ask to identify the song.

    Voice assistants can also be called to your rescue if you use other devices who have integrated them, like Macs for Siri, smart speakers for Google and Alexa and many others. You can ask the assistant to use Shazam, a well-known application capable of recognizing songs, to identify the title of the song being played.

  • 2. Use mobile apps: Shazam and SoundHound

    The world of applications is full of solutions designed to identify the title of songs whose name you don’t know. The most famous is, without a doubt, Shazamcapable of finding the titles of thousands and thousands of songs in just a few seconds.

    To be able to use Shazam the song must be playing. Start the application and press the appropriate button. Once you find the song you can automatically add it to your playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. The service is compatible with iOS and Android.

    Alternatively, it can be used SoundHound, which works similarly to Shazam. It can listen to and identify what songs are playing quickly and provides links to songs and full videos with lyrics.

    With SoundHound if the song is not playing you can try humming it and getting the title. The app saves all searches for easy playback.

  • 3. Use Google to identify a song title

    If playback has stopped and cannot be restarted, you can identify the song by singing the melody or mentioning a few verses. In this case it is necessary to use the Google application available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

    Once the app is launched, tap the microphone icon and select search for a song in the search bar. Sing the song and monitor the results obtained. You must have authorized the application to access your microphone to take advantage of this method.

  • 4. Locate the song using the song lyrics

    The song cannot be played and the user is unable to reproduce the melody, but remembers parts of the lyrics. Then, There is a quick and easy solution: write the words directly in the Google search bar.

    It’s enough type a small portion of text of the song, even just one phrase. The song, any links to YouTube or other music streaming platforms and, obviously, its title will immediately appear among the results.

  • 5. Platforms to discover the title of a song

    Music fans know numerous songs and are often able to recognize a song just by listening to a segment of it. On WatZatSong you can find a community ready to help with your search: simply upload a sample of the song and some details to facilitate identification and others will indicate the exact title.

    For songs that have been heard in movies or TV series, you can link to WhatSonga service that provides users with a list of all the songs that were the soundtrack of the show or film indicated by the user.

    In case of old and poorly labeled audio tracks, the right tool to resort to is AudioTagwhich recognizes the title of an mp3 song uploaded by users and provides links to YouTube for digital listening.


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