How to import a style into Word from another document

If we already have a perfect style template for our document, we can use it in a Word file

Import Word styles

Often the style we are trying to adopt on our Word document is present on another very long and elaborate document: manually recovering the style used in the other document is impossible, unless you use thetemplate organizer built into Worda somewhat hidden but very useful function for importing styles used on another document.

Yes it can import a style into Word from another document using the screen Development and the template manager on Word, without using external programs or too elaborate tricks.

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1) Activate Word’s Develop menu

Word Development

To get started we will have to activate the Word Developer menuthe only one who will provide us with access totemplate organizer needed to import any style.

To do this, open Word, open any document file, press at the top of the menu Fileclick on the menu Optionswe press on Ribbon customizationlet’s get the voice out Development and finally press OK to unlock the new hidden menu.

By immediately pressing on the new Develop menu we will now have access to Document templatethe function designed to manage and import Word templates but also useful for importing the styles of any document created with Word and supplied with compatible extensions (.doc and .docx).

2) Import style from a Word document

Word style copy

To import the style seen on a Word document we open the document on which we want to apply the identified style or styles, press at the top of the menu Developmentlet’s now click on Document template and select the button Bookshelf at the bottom left of the window.

In the new screen we immediately press the button Close file present on the right of the window, under the item Styles available in (let’s avoid pressing the one on the left, which is our current document), click on the button Open file which will appear immediately in its place, we choose below All files in the file format selection box, go to the path of the document from which to copy the style and select it.

Now that we have loaded the document into the template manager we will see all the styles present within it appear. To copy a style (for example the Titles or the font of the paragraphs) just select it with the mouse and press on Copy.

After having carefully copied all the styles present in the document used as a source, simply press on close to return to the document and properly exploit the copied styles, using them as templates to create new paragraphs, new titles, new tables and new headers.

Nothing stops us from loading various styles from many different documents: with the template organization window we load the various documents and copy the various styles, merging them into a single document.

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This trick is so simple it hides great potential for all those who often use Word to write documents and needs to often use styles already seen or already used on other similar documents.

Instead of navigating throughout the document to copy and paste the text (which effectively also copies the styles) we first open the document from which we draw inspiration in the Word template manager, so as to use only the best styles present in the files that we have already saved on our computer.

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