How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

An editor to edit PDF in depth like UPDF allows you to improve your productivity thanks to a series of tools for use. Here are which are the best.

If you often work with PDF documents that require editing, it is useful to use a software modify PDF. These tools offer functionality to edit text, apply formatting, add images and create interactive forms by inserting form fields.

Microsoft Word already allows you to open PDF files but the conversion, especially in the case of documents that have a complex structure, may not be satisfactory. Also, the changes are applied to a DOCX file and not to the original PDF.

UPDF is a software that revolutionizes the management of PDF documents and allows you to improve productivity thanks to the editing and conversion functions integrated in a single software.

Best alternative to Adobe Acrobat, UPDF integrates tools to view PDF, annotate, apply edits, convert PDF to another format, protect documents with password and encryption, affix a signature, compress and organize PDF, fill out forms and combine multiple documents into one file.

Also unlike other products, UPDF is cross-platform so it can be used on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Also, only one is enough license to use UPDF without limitations on any device.

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UPDF: Improve productivity when working with PDF documents

A good software for editing PDF and converting from and to other formats should integrate features for directly intervening on the structure of the document, both on text and on images. Many PDF editorin fact, they simply add layers to the PDF content not allowing a real change in terms of layout, formatting, text style, images and so on.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

Being able to edit PDFs and convert documents to Office format and other formats is just one of the features of UPDF, even if for many users it is the basic one.

Edit PDF files

UPDF is an easy to use and intuitive software, with a well designed user interface and easily accessible functions: from a single window it is possible to access all the main functions of the program.

After opening a PDF file, for example, just click the button Modify PDF in the left column to see the tools that allow you to edit the PDF content appear.

You can click on the various elements (texts, images and graphics) that make up the original PDF document to edit what you need.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

When adding new text or a new image, you must press the key ALT if you want to superimpose the element being inserted on the text or image already present in the document.

As you can see, PDF editing is very simple: just click on the object to modify to intervene directly or click on the buttons Text, Image e Link in the toolbar to insert new items.

With one click your Page tools one can be added watermark to the document or modify the one already present. The watermark, otherwise known as watermark, is an element that is superimposed on the content of the document, generally to indicate that it is a confidential resource or to highlight its origin or status. The watermark it can be managed with UPDF in both text and image formats and, regardless of the choice made, you can customize its position, orientation, opacity, tile multiple watermarks and more.

From the same UPDF window you can add or edit the background of the PDF by inserting a solid color (possibly with a precise level of transparency/opacity) or an image.

Finally, with a click on header and footer you can add or customize the information that appears at the top and bottom of each page.

Filling in the forms contained in the PDF document

Among UPDF’s abilities is that it simplifies the compilation of moduli: the program is able to automatically recognize their presence and facilitate the insertion of the requested information. UPDF handles not only enter data fields but also checkboxes and fixed-width areas.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

The PDF management cycle can thus end digitally: there is no longer the need to print a form to fill it out, scan it then send it to the recipients.

Merge files into one PDF

Merge multiple files into a single PDF it can be useful for many reasons. In general, when you want to simplify document management, save time, improve the professionalism of your work and make documents easier to read.

Merge PDFs facilitates archiving and sharing operations: by merging multiple files into a single document, the number of files to be archived or shared is reduced.

Also, there is a time saving both for those who create and for those who receive the PDF: with a single file, confusion is avoided and all the information is kept within the same object. A nice advantage also in terms of ease of reading: the recipient can browse all the pages in a single window, with any PDF viewing software (even with the web browser) without being forced to open several documents.

Furthermore, when sending an important document such as a report or proposal, a single document in PDF format appears to the recipients significantly more professional than several separate files.

UPDF not only allows you to combine multiple PDFs in a single file but even add resources saved as images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and GIF files) to the document.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

By clicking on the box Batch in the UPDF main window you can merge many PDF and image files very quickly. The process is fully automated and the user does not have to perform any manual operations except for choosing which files to combine.

Alternatively, you can click on the button Organize pagesare insert so on Da file to specify the PDF file to add to the one being viewed.

Convert PDF to Word and other formats

One of the skills that is often lacking in PDF management software is converting to other formats.

Speaking of PDF to Word conversion Satisfactory results are not obtained with many products. This is because PDF and Word documents have very different structures and formats: when converting PDF to Word, the software must attempt to extract the text and images from the PDF and then arrange them into an editable Word document.

Common problems when converting PDF to Word are as follows:

  • Loss of formatting and overall layout of the original document.
  • Lack of text recognition, especially when the text is embedded in the PDF as an image.
  • Loss of images, graphics and other elements present in the PDF document.
  • Adding spelling and punctuation errors.

UPDF integrates a robust, effective and efficient engine for the PDF to Word conversion which among other things allows the user to deeply customize the approach followed to transform the information present on each page from one format to another.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

UPDF can also rely on a system OCR for the optical character recognition which allows you to transform everything in the PDF into selectable and editable text.

Think for example of the scan of a paper page: in this case the PDF file is only a “container” of images and the text on each page is neither selectable nor searchable. UPDF, thanks to its powerful integrated OCR module, allows you to recognize the text and to add it in an editable document, even in Word format for example.

With one click your Modify PDF then on the button Recognize text using OCR in the right column, it allows you to start the recognition of the text present in the images with the possibility of enabling a possible ricerca full-text in the content of the document.

By clicking on Export PDFs instead, you can convert the PDF to various formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, RTF, text, image, XML and HTML. By selecting the preferred format, you can eventually enable the option Text recognition settings so as to trigger the OCR engine after parsing the original PDF document.

PDF file protection

UPDF software offers PDF document security options like password protectionthe data encryptionthe removal of personal information and the management of access permissions.

The functions for protecting PDF documents processed with UPDF are available by clicking on Protect with passwordin the right column of the program.

Quick sharing of PDF documents

If you are looking for a practical and immediate way to share PDFs and their content with other users, in UPDF just click on the button Share the file with others to generate a link and possibly a corresponding QR code which allow quick access to the file.

UPDF eventually allows you to set an expiration date for the link thus generated and allows you to disable downloading, copying and printing of the content of the PDF file.

With one click on the tab Share with othersyou can send the link by email specifying the recipients of the message.

Change the structure of PDF documents

When working with PDF documents, it may happen that you need to add or remove pages, change their order, divide a document. UPDF allows management of all these operations with one click Organize pages in the left column.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

It’s possible move pages in the PDF with a simple drag-and-drop operation while the buttons located in the toolbar allow you to insert, replace, extract, rotate and delete pages. You can also split the PDF document into multiple separate files.

How to take advantage of 53% discount on UPDF

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Through the offer page you can choose for the plan annual subscription to UPDF or for the unlimited one (“perpetual plan“).

The latter involves the acquisition of a license without expiration which will allow you to receive all UPDF updates for free for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

UPDF supports major secure payment methods including major credit cards and PayPal.

Confrontation between Foxit Editor Pro and UPDF

Among the most popular and appreciated solutions to edit PDF is Foxit Editor Pro: in the following table we want to highlight the main ones differences with UPDF.

How to improve productivity when working with PDFs using UPDF

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