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How to insert, hide and find your date of birth on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network launched on the web to allow professionals to interact and start collaborations, based on their skills and the information shown and exchanged. Between the data that can be entered and published in your profile on the platform, it is there the date of birth.

This is personal information, which many may want to hide. For this reason, LinkedIn leaves choices to the user, who can decide to insert it, to obscure it or to allow only a few to view it.

Let’s find out how to enter it and how to view the date of birth of other users who have decided to communicate this data.

How to enter your date of birth on LinkedIn and where it is shown

date of birth linkedIn

The date of birth, when made visible, is shown in the contact information. It is therefore necessary to go on the profile of a specific user to view, when present, this information.

If you want to indicate your date of birth, you can enter it either from mobile devicethrough the LinkedIn application, which gives desktop.

From mobile, log in with your credentials and click on your profile photo in the top left. Select the item View profile. Tap on the three dots and choose contact info.

Proceed by clicking on the pencil icon to access the changes. In the birthday area, indicate the day and month of birth. It is not possible to enter the year. Press on Tax (Android) about are Fine (iOS) and finish with Salva.

To insert the date from desktop, after connecting to the official LinkedIn website and logging in, click on your icon at the top of the screen and choose View profile.

Press on contact information and the pencil icon (Edit) and enter your date of birth. Save your changes.

From now on, your date of birth will be visible on LinkedIn. For limit its visibility and allow only certain users to be able to see it, specific options must be adjusted.

Change the visibility of your date of birth on LinkedIn

hide date of birth linkedIn

To choose who can see your date of birth on LinkedIn, you need to go to the settings relating to contact info and make changes. From mobile click on your profile photo in the top left, select View profilepress on the three horizontal dots, choose contact info and press on the pencil icon.

From desktop, click on your profile icon at the top of the screen, press on View profile, are contact info and the pencil icon.

Under your date of birth, click on the eye icon and select the option you prefer: Just you, your connections, your network (up to third degree connections) o All LinkedIn users. Save your changes.

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