How to install a complete video surveillance system with Synology

How to install a complete video surveillance system with Synology

The creation of a IP video surveillance system brings with it various challenges and problems, which are essential to consider and understand to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the solution that will be created. One of the most relevant problems, especially in perspective, is that linked to vendor lock-in: the risk is that of binding oneself with theecosystem closed by a single manufacturer, which for example only allows the use of its own cameras and its NVRs or suddenly stops supporting some devices.

Synology has been investing for years in its Surveillance Station, an open solution created to integrate IP cameras from different manufacturers. Surveillance Station is a monitoring console that offers a single control panel, capable of configuring and controlling over 8,400 camera models from 150 manufacturers.

The Surveillance Station software is particularly advantageous because its free installation it is included in many Synology brand NAS and NVR models. In other words, just purchase the Synology hardware product and you can immediately access the capabilities of video recording in real time via the local network.

Synology Surveillance Station

Synology ecosystem for video surveillance: BC500 and TC500 IP cameras are the crown jewel

We said that a solution like Synology Surveillance Station acts as a “container” for i video streams coming from cameras connected to the network. Often, many NVRs (Network Video Recorder) do not allow you to simultaneously activate facial recognition, the function motion detection and that for perimeter protection: Surveillance Station allows you to put all these limitations behind you.

Video surveillance system layout

Action rules (we’ll talk about them later) automate various surveillance functions and reduce the activities that may need to be allocated to control or manual supervision. Administrators can instruct a camera to perform the “patrolling” among the preset positions, activate recording when a door is unlocked or receive a notification in the event of anomalies.

Integration of BC500 and TC500 cameras into the network infrastructure

Deploying a video surveillance infrastructure based on the BC500 and TC500 cameras is quick and easy: these models are directly supported in Surveillance Station and do not require any license. Simply connect them to have the ability to use them immediately, without having to carry out additional steps. Surveillance Station it also offers the opportunity to update the firmware of BC500 and TC500 cameras, even in bulk (up to 1,000 units).

Resolution BC500 TC500 Synology IP cameras

Both BC500 and TC500 support the PoE standard (Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af, type 1 class 3). The possible use of switches PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) does not however create problems.

The Surveillance Station platform opens up boundless horizons for those who want to connect and integrate devices, applications and services. Resorting to Surveillance Station Web APIdevelopers can benefit from a programmable interface that allows for deep integrations.

With the BC500 and TC500 cameras, Synology offers a “ready-to-use” solution that already relies on the use ofartificial intelligence. BC500 it is a high resolution outdoor camera, equipped with advanced features such as motion detection and night vision; TC500 It is designed for indoor use, also offering high performance in terms of resolution and security features. Both devices work seamlessly with Synology data storage and management devices, ensuring a reliable and comprehensive video surveillance experience within the ecosystem.

Main features of the BC500 and TC500 IP cameras

The telecamere Synology BC500 e TC500 they offer an IP67 degree of protection from dust and water, night vision up to 30 meters and multi-exposure HDR functionality: BC500 has a cylindrical shape while TC500 is in the turret format.

From a technical point of view, the two IP cameras allow you to record video with one 5 Megapixel resolution at 30 fps. The focal aperture of the lens is f/1.8 while theviewing angle it measures 110° so as to cover large spaces. The system of IR night vision composed of four LEDs, it reaches up to 30 meters of range while the HDR mechanism ensures richness of detail in both the brightest and darkest areas.

Synology video surveillance system intrusion detection

Integrated person and vehicle recognition

The real flagship of the BC500 and TC500 cameras are the AI ​​algorithms for recognition of people e vehicles. The user also has the option to define areas directly above the images in order to receive notifications and take certain actions when someone violates a property (for example by jumping a gate, a border wall, a fence,…) or access an unauthorized area.

Synology AI people vehicle recognition

L’reliability it is essential for a video surveillance system: what would happen if an accident occurred and the camera was not able to store the data flow on the NAS, NVR or on a cloud service? There would be no proof of what had happened and the accident that occurred would not be documentable in any way.

The function of Instant Search it relieves operators from carrying out manual analysis frame-by-frame of the content of the video recordings in search of a specific incident. With the BC500 and TC500 cameras it becomes possible to identify all kinds of event in captured videos.

Edge recording and video synchronization

Synology’s BC500 and TC500 cameras handle this issue by leveraging the concept of edge recording: Next to uploading the video stream to a local or remote storage device, the filmed sequences are stored in one scheda SD. In this way, even in the event of temporary unavailability of the network connection, images of any accidents would still be acquired and saved. The Synology platform is capable of sync videos saved on NAS, NVR and the cloud by drawing on the contents of the SD cards as soon as the connection is restored.

Edge recording su scheda SD: telecamere BC500 e TC500 Synology

L’autonomy of recording on an SD card obviously depends on the capacity of the storage medium and the bitrate of the video stream. For example, a 3 Mbps stream generates approximately 32 GB per day: a 128 GB micro SD can easily store frames for at least three days.

Synology Surveillance Station Platform: Open to third-party manufacturers

IP cameras like Synology BC500 and TC500 greatly simplify the work of those who need to create a reliable and scalable IP video surveillance system. Surveillance Station he is however a real “conductor”, capable of bringing together video cameras and devices from different manufacturers. Basically, the product directly supports thousands of cameras but thanks to the ONVIF compatibilityyou can even add additional cameras not present in the Synology database.

Surveillance Station it is interoperable with IP speakers, allowing users to integrate audio into their video surveillance solutions. IP speakers give you the opportunity to reproduce sounds and manage two-way communications within the video surveillance system.

Support for i I/O modules allows you to integrate a wide range of devices: sensors, actuators or other specialized devices that add specific functionality to the video surveillance system. Think about motion sensors and opening doors which can be connected with the Synology solution to implement certain actions when configured events occur.

On this page you can find the list of supported IP speakers and I/O modules. Surveillance Station it is also compatible with many server videothird-party devices designed for the management, storage and distribution of video streams.

What Action Rules are and how they work

Synology Surveillance Station relies on Rules of action, a set of programmable instructions that allow the system to automatically react to specific events or conditions that occur within the video surveillance system. These rules can be configured for automate various actions in response to certain scenarios, making surveillance more efficient and…

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