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How to install GCam on Android

Google Cameraalso known as GCamis one of Camera apps best known ever and one of the most used by users Android.

It was available for all devices with Big G’s operating system from version Android 4.4 KitKat onwards although more recently, with the advent of the Google Pixelhas become available only for these smartphones.

Being one of the best camera applications, many have wondered if it is actually still possible to download and install it from Google Play Store. Obviously the answer is yes.

Let’s find out how to install GCam on an Android device.

  • 1. How Google Camera works

    As just mentioned, the Google Camera allows the user to use a lot of interesting features which especially for digital photography enthusiasts can be very useful.

    Among these the HDR+ function which allows the user to control exposure and white balance, perfect for use in low light conditions.

    The function Better shot which allows you to select the best moment of a photo by also recording the instants before shooting.

    The night photo modeas the name suggests, is developed for photos in the dark and guarantees very high quality too without using the flash.

    High definition zoom to eliminate the annoying grainy effect at maximum zoom.

    The Movement Mode designed to capture moving subjects using a dedicated long exposure and panning system.

    There are many features of the Google Camera designed for photography enthusiasts that make this application truly a must have for all Android smartphones.

    Google Camera also includes many additional functions much more particular, such as the Magic Eraser to remove people and objects from photos and a astrographic mode which is used to capture photos of the sky at night and is activated when the smartphone is placed on a stable surface or on a tripod.

    In addition to these more “particular” instruments, there are also the classics panoramic photosthe spherical photosthe effect slow-motion and that time-lapse.

    Anyone who knows (or owns) a Google Pixel device is well aware of the great potential of this application and the fact that more and more users want to bring it to their (incompatible) device is concrete proof of how shrewd Google has been in developing such a photographic suite, making it powerful and extremely intuitive.

  • 2. What is the GCam mod

    To remedy the absence of the classic GCam exists the mod GCam which is a modified version of the application made available for the various devices that natively can no longer access the original App.

    Of course it allows access all Google Camera featurestransforming your Android smartphone into a full-fledged cameraphone.

    But unfortunately it is not available on the Google Play Store and you have to download the .apk file from one of the various sites that deal with the development of the program. Naturally the suggestion is to be very careful and choose only reliable portals because when we talk about topics of this kind there is always the risk of incurring malicious applications and viruses of various kinds.

    We must also remember that it is not available for all smartphones and, to proceed with the installation, you must verify that the your device supports theAPI Camera2 and be it updated to Android 10.

    The GCam mod is the modified version of the Google application that allows you to install the GCam even on unsupported devices, simply by downloading the APK file.

    It is also recommended to use a smartphone with Snapdragon processor which guarantees the full functioning of Google Camera without any limitation.

    Once the download is complete, all that remains is to authorize the installation of Apps from unknown sources and proceed with the installation, ignoring the various warnings from the smartphone that could recognize the procedure as harmful.

    Once this is done, you can use the App like any of those downloaded from the Google Play Store, but you still need to keep in mind that, being an unofficial and modified release of the original software, it may have some bugs.

  • 3. More options to install GCam

    In case you want to install GCam on an unsupported phone, the only way is to resort to third-party apps such as the well-known Gcamator.

    The program is compatible with a large number of devices and allows (almost) all not too old Android smartphones to use the well-known Google Camera quickly and easily.

    And obviously, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and avoids users less accustomed to technology to resort to the procedure seen previously with the APK the various steps above.

    Gcamator is the perfect alternative to having the Google Camera on your smartphone without the need for special procedures and, of course, without buying a Google Pixel.

    Once installed, Gcamator automatically detects the device and notifies the user the best version of the program available for that phone, automatically proceeding to download from the proprietary database. If after the download there should be malfunctions, you can choose another of the available versions and try until you get the one that is fully compatible with your device.

    Being designed on the model of the Google Camera it really is very intuitive and with a few simple steps it will allow everyone to discover the many features inside.

    Since this is a “not entirely official” version, also in this case there may be bugs or malfunctions on particular devices.

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