How to install Siri on iPhone

Have you ever heard of Siri? It is a very advanced voice assistant introduced by Apple on iPhone 7 and also present on the iPhone 8 and New iPad. Thanks to it, it is possible to “talk” with your “iPhone by” asking him for many things: weather forecasts, stock market trends, the list of shops and restaurants nearby, directions, starting applications, the music playback, and much more.

Until recently, the service was reserved only for English, French, German and Japanese users. Now, however, with the release of iOS 6, Siri is also available in Italian and, believe me, it’s a real show. If you haven’t tried it yet, get the right to work and find out how to install Siri on the iPhone. You will have a lot of fun!

As already mentioned, to install Siri on the iPhone and use the Italian version of the service you need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6. This version of the Apple operating system is compatible with all iPhones from the 3GS model to 5 (on iPhone 5 it comes pre-installed) but Siri can only be used on 4S and above.

You have two avenues to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6: connect your smartphone to your computer and install the operating system via iTunes or take advantage of the over-the-air update feature and install the latest version of iOS directly on iPhone any Wi-Fi connection (in this case, make sure the iPhone has at least 50% of the battery still available). In both cases, all your apps, data, and settings will remain intact.

To update iPhone using iTunes, all you have to do is connect your phone to your computer, wait for the iOS 6 availability message to appear and click on Download and update first and then Next and Accept to start downloading and installing the latest version of iOS. Please note that the download is around 912 MB, so it may take a while to complete the download, whereas installing the operating system only takes a few minutes.

If instead, you prefer to update iPhone via OTA, all you have to do is go to the iOS Settings, select the General item from the menu that opens, and presses the Update button. Software. Then wait for the message regarding the availability of iOS 6 to appear and start the download and installation of the operating system by first pressing Install Now and then Accept.

update iPhone via OTA

Once the iPhone update is complete, you have also automatically completed the procedure to install Siri on the iPhone. The voice assistant of Apple should in fact already be in operation and perfectly understand the American language.

You can immediately test the correct configuration of the service by holding down the Home button of your “melatonin” (the one below the display) for a few seconds. As soon as the microphone icon appears on the screen, ask Siri any question (eg. Will it rain today? ) And wait for the service to give you a reply. To function, Siri requires an active Internet connection.

Change Siri's Voice on iPhone and language in iOS

In the event that Siri does not work or should be set to a language other than Italian, go to the iPhone Settings and first select the General item and then Siri from the menu that opens. Then move the Siri lever to the right (it must turn blue) to activate the service and set American (USA) in the Language field.

After applying these changes, try calling Siri again by holding down the phone’s Home button for a few seconds and everything should work properly.

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