How to install wireless video surveillance cameras

Wi-Fi camera Nowadays we can keep the entrances of our house, apartment, garage or office under close surveillance using wireless video surveillance systems, capable of sending images via Wi-Fi connection or data network to a server central or an online service, so as to make access to the electronic eye available wherever we are in the world (in addition to using the H24 recording of the footage).
In this guide we will show you how to install wireless video surveillance cameras, showing you the parameters to be taken into consideration when purchasing a wireless outdoor camera and the best products that can be purchased online, so as to obtain a nice saving (compared to products sold in stores or specialized centers).

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Features wireless cameras

Before purchasing any type of camera, be sure to check that the following requirements are present, so as to avoid poor or poor quality cameras:

  • Image quality: to generate good quality shots, we recommend that you focus only on models that have the resolution HD (1280 × 720 pixels), excellent in all light conditions and easily accessible from the outside even with a not very fast Internet connection (at least 2 Megabits per second in upload). If we have an even slower connection, we can focus on a resolution SD (640 × 480 pixels), while if we have a 10 Mega connection or more in upload, we can also bet on the more expensive cameras with resolution Full HD (1920×1080 pixels).
  • Sensors: the presence of additional sensors will allow you to start recording automatically when someone or something passes in front of the camera (motion detection); in addition, the cameras equipped with a PIR (passive infrared) sensor will allow you to immediately see the intrusions even at night.
  • Point of View: choosing a camera based on the shot is important since it will change the positioning of the camera. On the market, they exist fixed cameras (always frame the same area), the motorized cameras (which we can turn on the axes at a distance, so as to modify the frame) and finally the PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) offer small horizontal and vertical movements together with the ability to zoom in on the frame. The most effective models for controlling large rooms or spacious entrances are certainly the Fisheye cameras (fisheye) that offer a 360 ° view of the framed area.
  • Audio compartment: in order to also pick up the sounds of the framed area and communicate through it, we choose one camera with two-way audio, so that we can listen to what is happening in the frame and make our voice heard through the computer or smartphone.
  • impermeability: if we have to focus on an outdoor camera, make sure it is certified for waterproofing even in heavy rain (IP67 certification or higher).
  • link: the camera must be equipped with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module so that it can connect to the Internet via our modem. This connection is essential in order to connect to the server, to the control website or to the Network NAS.
  • Internal memory: if not connected to the Internet, modern wireless cameras can have an SD or microSD slot on which to carry out continuous recordings “offline”, until the connection to the network returns.
  • Supply: the most effective cameras are those that need to be connected to the traditional electrical network, also by simply connecting the electrical wires (there are usually no sockets as on household appliances). The most adaptable models include a battery (fixed or removable) so that we can shoot the scene even when there is no power cable nearby (however, we will have to recharge the battery periodically if we want to continue shooting). The more expensive cameras may have PoE (Power Over Ethernet), i.e. they can receive power from an Ethernet cable ready for functionality.
  • Camera management: All cameras offer a remote control system accessible via a smartphone app or via a website (after registering for a free account). The most advanced services also allow you to record online continuously (so as to have the footage saved in a secure online account) and to support the most modern DVRs.


Best wireless cameras to buy

After seeing together the features that modern wireless cameras must have, in this part of the guide we will show you the models that we can buy online. For convenience, we have divided the models according to specific framing needs and the type of power supply we intend to use.

Fixed indoor cameras

Internal cameras

The simplest fixed wireless cameras are intended for indoor use and they are also known as IP cameras (since they can be reached by knowing the local IP address or by forwarding the port via the public IP address). The models we recommend you to buy are:

  1. Internal WiFi camera, Victure Baby Monitor (24 €)
  2. Apeman 1080P internal wi-fi camera (26 €)
  3. Victure FHD 1080P WiFi Surveillance Camera (29 €)
  4. Sricam Latest Version SP017 Internal WiFi Camera (39 €)
  5. Mini Micro Cameras Spy AOBO 1080P HD Hidden Button (45 €)


Fixed outdoor cameras

External cameras

If instead, we want to monitor an external point of the house, office or shop, with the fixed shot we will have to install waterproof fixed cameras, such as those viewable below:

  1. SV3C 720P Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Cameras (30 €)
  2. Outdoor Wifi Camera, Wansview 1080P (39 €)
  3. ieGeek Upgrade Outdoor Surveillance Camera 1080P (42 €)
  4. Netvue 1080P Wireless Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera (49 €)
  5. Victure FHD 1080P External IP camera (49 €)


Motorized cameras

Motorized cameras

The motorized cameras allow you to move the shot using the app or the control website, so you can immediately frame the area to be checked; on the more advanced models, we can also record an automatic movement so that the camera “moves” and controls a larger area.
The best-motorized cameras that we can view are:

  1. IP 720P WIRELESS LED IR CAMERA Motorized (20 €)
  2. All Shop – Wireless MINI Smart Camera IP Camera, Motorized Security Camera (24 €)
  3. D-Link DCS-5000L Surveillance Camera (53 €)
  4. IP Camera for outdoor Wi-Fi 1080P FULL HD Motorized (51 €)
  5. Tenvis T3862D Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Camera, Full HD 1080p (129 €)


PTZ cameras

PTZ cameras

Among the best rooms that we can install inside or outside are the PTZ cameras, which offer full control of the frame (without changing the position of the camera itself) and allow you to apply a good level of zoom. The best PTZ cameras are:

  1. SV3C Outdoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P PTZ IP Camera (98 €)
  2. FLOUREON WiFi PTZ IP Camera Surveillance Camera (109 €)
  3. SV3C PTZ IP Camera ONVIF Waterproof Surveillance Camera (129 €)
  4. Ctronics PTZ IP Surveillance Camera WiFi Camera (139 €)
  5. High-speed PoE PTZ IP camera (€ 299)


Fisheye cameras

Fisheye cameras

To frame a large area with a single room we will have to focus on Fisheye cameras, which offer a large viewing angle and dedicated motorization (for zooming or for moving the internal lens). The best Fisheye cameras that we can buy are:

  1. IP WiFi security camera Autbye Fisheye bulb (29 €)
  2. Q-camera 1080P Security Camera (33 €)
  3. Tenvis T5842F – 360 ° fisheye camera, Wi-Fi, Full HD (49 €)
  4. Revotech – POE 1080P Panoramic Fisheye 1.44mm Indoor Audio Lens (56 €)
  5. EZVIZ Mini Pano Surveillance Camera, WiFi Video Camera (97 €)

Battery operated outdoor cameras

Battery cameras

In the last chapter of the guide, we want to show you the best battery operated wireless cameras, therefore functioning without the need to carry an electric wire or take advantage of expensive PoE solutions. The models we recommend you to view are:

  1. Lemnoi Video Surveillance Camera Battery Wifi Wireless (59 €)
  2. SANNCE 720P HD IP Rechargeable Wireless Camera with Integrated Battery (59 €)
  3. Battery Rechargeable Security Camera with solar panel (69 €)
  4. Reolink Argus Eco 1080p HD External Battery Wi-Fi Wireless Camera (85 €)
  5. Video Surveillance Camera Rechargeable Battery (89 €)


Choosing the right camera or cameras for our purposes, we can install them in the corner of the wall, behind a gutter or in a high and inaccessible point in a few minutes using a screwdriver, a drill and some tools to cut and adjust the wires. If we are prevented with this type of operation, we can always focus on battery-operated cameras and fix them to the wall with a very strong double-sided tape.
Once the camera is placed we will have to configure it (via app or Web service) to connect to the reference Wi-Fi network, so as to transmit images via the Web or record what happens in the frame.
In another article, the best wireless IP cameras for continuous video surveillance

If the wireless connection is not sufficient to cover the area where the wireless camera is present, we recommend you read our two guides on How does the wifi repeater or “range extender” work and which one to buy and how to Amplify your home Wi-Fi and extend wireless reception, so that we can extend the signal of our network and also cover the room or area without coverage.
If, on the other hand, we have an old Android phone and we want to convert it back to a wireless security camera, just follow the tips proposed in the article on different ways to use your old Android phone.


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