How to join RAR or ZIP files

Join RAR Dividing large files into small fragments was very common in analog modems, as downloading a single 1GB file or more could take days or weeks. Instead, following the philosophy of “divide et impera”, downloading single fragments of the 100MB file allowed to interrupt the download after a certain number of fragments and continue at another time, without having to start over again. With the arrival of ADSL and above all of the optical fiber we can download dozens of GB in a short time, making this practice almost fall into disuse. It can happen again to come across a file divided into many fragments, often in RAR format: in these scenarios, we place this guide, in which we will show you how to merge RAR and ZIP files (or even other types of archives) so you can get the original file and extract its contents.
In the guide, we will discuss both the free programs available for Windows and Mac and the free apps available for Android and iOS.

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How to merge RAR and ZIP files on Windows and Mac

The most likely scenario where we will find ourselves with numerous archives to merge is definitely the computer. In this part of the guide, we will show you the best free programs that we can use to be able to combine RAR or ZIP files. The only recommendation before using all the programs: we position the files to be merged into a single folder, so as not to run into errors during the extraction.


The best free program to combine RAR and ZIP files is definitely 7-Zip.

To merge compressed archives and extract their contents, open the program, take us to the path or folder where the files to be merged are saved, select the first RAR file in the series and click on the button Extract; in the next window, we choose a path to extract the content. In a few minutes, the files will be gathered automatically during the extraction, so as to be able to access the previously divided content. Compatibility with split RAR files is very good, as is extraction speed.


Another very useful free program to join RAR and ZIP files is PeaZip.

To merge and extract the contents of the RAR or ZIP files, we navigate inside the interface up to the folder where the archive files are to be merged, select the first file in the series and click on top of Extract. In the window that appears we will only have to select the path in which to extract the contents of the divided compressed files.
Compatibility is also very good in this case, with a lower extraction speed than 7-Zip (but on powerful computers you don’t even notice).


Another free program that we can use to join RAR and ZIP files is Bandizip.

Once the program is open, click on Open archive, select the first archive in the series and select the path where to save the content divided among the various compressed files. The program is currently one of the fastest we can use to join RAR and ZIP files, but it could present some problems with too many fragments (over 20).

B1 Free Archiver

One of the best for compatibility and decompression speed is B1 Free Archiver, available for free.
B1 Free Archiver

With this program we will only have to display the folder in which we have kept the files to be merged, select the first file in the series and press the button first You open then Extract. Similar to the other programs, we will now have to choose the path where to save the contents of the compressed archives.
As mentioned in the introduction, this program is one of the best when it comes to compatibility with split RAR files and one of the best for decompression speeds.


However, if we want to get the maximum compatibility and speed of extraction, we can install WinRAR on our computer, that is the program with which it is possible to create this type divided files.

Once the program is open, we browse through the folders on our computer to find the one where we have gathered all the files to be divided, click on the first file and then on Extract in. The program will make us choose where to save the content: we choose a folder of our choice or create a new one that acts as a container for the extracted files.
Currently, there is no program with greater compatibility and speed in joining the RAR files (and God forbid!), But WinRAR is provided for free only for 30 days, after which a paid license is required. In truth, the program continues to work even after the deadline, we will only have to go through the initial screen where we will be reminded to pay the license.

How to merge RAR or ZIP files on Android and iPhone

After seeing the programs for Windows and Mac, in this part of the guide, we will show you the apps to be able to reduce the RAR files, in case we happen to have them in our hands while using the smartphone. Just like on PC, we advise you to place the various files to be merged into a single folder of internal memory or microSD (if present), so as to be able to proceed quickly to merge and then extract.

The best apps we can try on Android smartphone or tablet I’m:

  1. Solid Explorer: one of the best file managers available on the green robot, with full support for compressed archives, even those divided into several volumes.
  2. RAR: the official app with which to extract the contents of all RAR compressed files, even those divided into many volumes. Currently the fastest and most practical with RAR files on Android.
  3. Unrar: a file manager designed to quickly unpack all types of RAR archives saved in the internal memory or in microSD.
  4. Simple Unrar: another simple app with which to combine and extract all the RAR files downloaded from the Internet or exchanged via social or chat.

On iPhone and iPad we can use one of the following apps to join ZIP and RAR files:

  1. iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar Tool: a valid app for unpacking and for bringing together RAR files but also other types of compressed archives (such as ZIP files).
  2. File Manager & Browser: a complete file manager for iOS with which to join RAR files and unpack them in a folder of your choice of system.
  3. FileMaster: another file manager with RAR file support, even in multi-volume mode.


If we came across a RAR or ZIP type multi-volume file, with the recommended programs and apps in this guide we will be able to manage them without problems, combining and extracting the content quickly and easily.

The archive is password protected and we can’t open it? In this case, we recommend reading our guide Find or remove passwords from protected ZIP and RAR files. If instead the compressed archive is corrupt or damaged, we can attempt a recovery by reading the suggestions contained in our guide on how to Extract and recover damaged or corrupt ZIP and RAR files.

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