How to log in with SPID and CIE to the IO app

The IO App is an application created to allow citizens and public administrations to have a facilitated dialogue. It can be installed for free on all mobile devicesboth those supported by the iOS operating system and those based on Android, and used by all adult citizens residing in Europe and who are in possession of one digital identity with SPID about YOU (Electronic Identity Card).

It is an essential application, which guarantees numerous advantages. Thanks to the IO App, the risk of forgetting deadlines and payments decreases, which can be carried out directly from the application, it allows you to access numerous services offered by the PA and receive communications directly from public bodies.

Access can be performed exclusively with SPID and CIE and the reason is soon explained: the information it contains is strictly personal and It is important that your login is secure. It is necessary to prevent the data from being viewed by prying eyes and unauthorized persons.

The app periodically requests new identification with the SPID or CIE. You can authenticate every thirty days or just once a year, based on your preferences and settings. On all other occasions, it will be sufficient to unlock access through face or fingerprint recognition or with an unlock code. With each new login you receive an email: if the login is not recognised, it can be blocked.

Access can be done from a mobile device, by downloading the application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It is a good idea to always keep the app updated to be able to access advanced security systems.

APP IO, how to log in with SPID

app I access with spid

First, you need to download and launch the application or connect to the official website of the service. Click on the entry Enter with SPID.

Choose the provider with which you created your digital identity from those presented in the menu. Enter the required data, such as your username or password or use, if permitted, the application for your digital identity. Confirm with Enter with Spid.

If you are accessing from desktop, this may be necessary confirm with the second SPID security levelreceiving a notification on the mobile app.

APP IO, how to log in with CIE

io app login

To log in with CIE, connect to the official website or start the application and click on ENTER WITH CIE. Enter the required data.

It is requested from the app your credit card PIN, consisting of eight digits. From desktop you can enter the CIE number, or tax code or your email address. Enter your password and click Proceed. If the second level of access security is active, you may be prompted to enter a confirmation from the app IO installed on the smartphone.

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