How to manage Amazon order history

Amazon order history

Those who buy a lot on Amazon (especially during promotional periods such as Black Friday) can find themselves there confusing order historyfailing to understand which orders have been shipped, which orders are in delivery and which still have to be shipped.

To sort out the chronology we can use the Amazon’s Archive featurewhich allows you to set aside up to 500 different orders, so you can easily find them in the chaos of orders placed since we have the Amazon account.

In the following guide we will show you how to manage amazon order historyshowing you how to store orders on Amazon, how to find orders that haven’t shipped yet, how to check canceled orders from us, and how to buy again a product already purchased previously on Amazon.

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1) Archive orders on Amazon

To quickly archive orders placed on Amazon from a PC, all we have to do is open the personal order pageopen the tab Orders and, after having identified the order to be archived, just press on the item Archive orderat the bottom of the section.

Those who often use Amazon on mobile cannot archive orders from the Amazon app, but must necessarily open the Amazon site in your favorite mobile browser and force the desktop view, as also seen in the how-to guide force a site to desktop mode on Android and iPhone.

After forcing the desktop page to open, just follow the same steps seen above to archive the orders.

2) Find orders that haven’t shipped yet

Have we placed so many orders that we can’t figure out which ones have been shipped and which ones haven’t yet? Amazon offers a special section Not yet shippedaccessible from the same screen Orders seen in the previous chapter.

Opening the screen Orders and pressing up Not yet shipped we will have a clear view of orders not yet shipped from Amazon, so we know what is missing.

3) Find canceled orders

Have we canceled orders on Amazon in the past and want to check them again? Did we cancel an order by mistake and want to reactivate it immediately?

In this case it is sufficient to open the section Orders cancelledwhere can we find all Amazon orders canceled in the last 6 months.

If the order was canceled more than 6 months ago we can use the search engine above (Search all orders) by entering both the generic name of the product and the precise name (based on what we remember).

4) Find orders to buy again

If we have purchased a product on Amazon that falls into the category of consumables (i.e. something that we use often and runs out over time) or we simply want to buy back an object that we like so much it can be very useful to have the section at hand Buy againwhere we find the most popular consumables and products in the front row waiting for us to buy back.

If we do not find the product we want to repurchase in the list probably not available in Amazon warehouses; in this case it is Amazon itself that offers an alternativeshowing the link to the new product just below the old one.

In any case, it is always advisable to use the named search bar Search all ordersso that we can remove any doubts about the real availability of the product.


This guide is meant to be of help to all novice users with Amazon, given that we have included quick access links to all most used categories of Amazon history. Saving this page in your favorites will allow you to immediately find what we are looking for, since the links will be customized according to the Amazon account on which we are logged in.

If you are wondering why there is no chapter on cancellation of the entire Amazon order formyou will be disappointed: Amazon does not allow you to completely erase the traces of an order, only allowing you to archive the orders that we want to hide.

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