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How to manage Android files and file system

As well known, one of the most appreciated features of Android is the complete freedom guaranteed to users in the file management present inside the device.

The operating system, in fact, comes with an excellent file manager which allows you to explore the contents of the smartphone and even the file systems. The possibilities of this application are really many and, with a little practice, it’s really possible to thoroughly scan your device and keep track of all its contents.

Let’s find out how to manage files and the Android file system.

  • 1. Managing files on Android: useful information

    Before talking about the management of an Android smartphone and all the potential of a file manager, we need to make a premise on what these operations really mean.

    Using a file manager, in summary, means thoroughly explore the memory of the devicealso going to “operate” on the various system files that regulate the operation of applications and Android itself.

    What may seem like intuitive operations can actually turn out to be decidedly complex and touching something that shouldn’t, could undermine the integrity of the operating systemcausing malfunctions and potentially there loss of all data personal.

    For this reason, if you do not fully understand how Android works and you are not sure which directories you are going to operate on, the advice is to close the file manager and limit yourself tocanonical use of the device.

  • 2. System file manager on Android

    As just mentioned, the integrated file manager on devices with Android it is an excellent application that allows you to explore the length and breadth of your smartphone.

    The name of the program changes depending on the device but the operation is the same and using this program, each user can search for any type of file or folder contained in their phone, including file systems that can be used for more specific operations on Android .

    Among the possibilities of the file manager App, also that of manage your downloads folder which, of course, will contain all the files downloaded from the web that the smartphone will meticulously store inside.

    A very useful function is Browse which allows you to search for something whose name you know but not the exact location. To do this, just tap on the sidebar on the left (or on the one above) and select the magnifying glass iconin order to indicate the terms of the search and let the program “scan” the smartphone in search of what you need.

  • 3. The best file managers for Android

    As previously mentioned, if the application installed by default on Android is not to your liking, it is good to know that on the Google Play Store there are a whole series of free alternatives and just as interesting.

    The operation, broadly speaking, is always the same and they all allow you to access the smartphone’s memory in depth by exploring the various folders and all the files inside.

    Following are some of the Most used file manager apps ever.

  • 4. Google files

    Google files it is one of the best solutions to manage files on Android. It often is installed by default on your device but can still be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

    The program allows you to browse, clean up memory and transfer files between different devices and, if supported, also allows you to browse and manage external drives.

    Among the features of Google Files also an integrated media player and the possibility of unpack zip archives.

  • 5. Files Shortcut

    Also Files Shortcut is a great easy and free solution to manage your files on your smartphone.

    The App in question is a kind of “shortcut” that allows a even easier access to the file manager of Android and was born to make up for the lack of a method of more immediate visualization than that imposed by the operating system’s file manager.

    Besides, it is completely free, It has no advertising and requires no subscription or permission of any kind.

  • 6. Solid Explorer

    Solid Explorer is a file manager App that allows you to organize make the most of the contents of your Android device, from your personal files to your downloads folder.

    It must be emphasized, however, that the application is not free but has a cost of $1.99 a monthand grants users a 14-day trial before subscribing.

  • 7. File Commander

    File Commander is another good file management solution. It’s totally free and also offers a text editors very interesting.

    Among other features also a media player integrated and the unzip function to unzip the files. Moreover, it also allows you to store files over the network using a cloud service.

  • 8. X-plore File Manager

    X-plore File Manager is a very special program that has a 90s-style look and lots of very useful functions to better manage files on your smartphone, including file systems.

    Among the peculiarities also a image viewer, support for zip files and the ability to be fully customized with built-in buttons and shortcuts.

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