How to measure altitude with Android and iPhone

measure altitude
For mountain lovers, it can be very useful to know the altitude of the point where you have reached so that you can track your progress in dedicated fitness activities (such as trekking) or to share this data on social networks. Our smartphones are able to immediately reveal the altitude thanks to the GPS functions, but the various navigation apps available do not display it for practicality: too much data risks confusing users and distracting them from driving or walking.
Since the altitude information is already present inside the device, we will only have to use some specialized apps, so that we can measure altitude accurately with our faithful smartphone for walking or battle.

Measure altitude on smartphone

As mentioned in the introduction, although this information is already available in the GPS data of the mobile phone, it is never shown in the most famous navigation apps (Waze, Google Maps, etc.), being seen as a useless data to show. Using the reviewed apps, we can immediately obtain the altitude of a certain place.

My Altitude (Android and iOS)

The first interesting app for measuring altitude with your smartphone is My Altitude, available free for Android and iPhone.
My Altitude

This application uses GPS data to derive the altitude of the point where we are, also providing the geographical coordinates and some very useful barometric indications for those who go to the mountains. Other interesting functions are the calculation of the boiling point of the water (which varies according to the altitude) and the possibility of downloading the altitude from the NOAA maps, even if they are optional functions (the app can also be used without an Internet connection).

Altimeter (Android)

Another simple and immediate app to view altitude from the sound is Altimeter, available free exclusively for Android.

With airplane-style graphics, we can view the altitude of the point where we are, calculate the altitude of a certain place and monitor the change in altitude during a trip or fitness activity, so that we can obtain physical data useful for understanding the effort made to climb or descend a mountain. Among other functions, we find the altitude calculation by NASA’s Shuttle radar, the precision barometer, and operation without the Internet (very useful if we are in an area of ​​the mountain without cellular signal).

GPS Altimeter (iPhone)

One of the best apps we can use on the iPhone to measure altitude is Altimeter GPS, available exclusively.
GPS altimeter

The app provides, in addition to a precise GPS altimeter, various measurement tools such as the compass, the speedometer, the pedometer (step calculation), an integrated weather service, map, flashlight, and SOS button. In fact, it will become an indispensable travel companion if we venture to the highest altitudes of a mountain range: thanks to the SOS button we can call for help at any time and automatically provide GPS position, altitude, and route taken to get there, so as to help the rescuers to reach our point.

Altimeter Ler (Android)

If we are professional climbers or are looking for an app to carry out mountain rescue work, the only app that we recommend you try is Altimeter Ler, available exclusively for Android.
Altimeter Ler

The app shows a whole series of geographic, barometric, and altimetric data in the upper part of the interface, with a real map of the route taken or of the point where we want to obtain the altitude. The app is really complete and can also replace dedicated tools on means of transport, thanks to the phone’s GPS system and constantly updated maps and data downloadable via the Internet (without connection we can still obtain useful data at the top and use the map present cached).

Barometer & Altimeter Pro (iPhone)

If we are looking for an app with an altimeter and barometer that is easy to use, with a pleasant interface and above all without any advertising, we recommend installing Barometer & Altimeter Pro, available exclusively for iPhone.
Barometer Altimeter

With various dials to try and test it will allow us to obtain precise information on the altitude of the point where we are, indications on the pressure (barometer) and on the weather conditions that can afflict the area (sudden drops in pressure are always synonymous with rain ), using both the data obtained from internal GPS and the data available via the Internet, even if the app works very well even in worldly scenarios without any active connection.


Although altitude could be useless information in most scenarios where a map or navigation system is used (and in part it is true), this important figure assumes great relevance when associated with hiking and mountaineering, where knowing always the altitude can make the difference between a calm and carefree situation and a dangerous and unpredictable situation.

If we want to try other navigation apps (especially for those who remain close to sea level), we recommend you read our guides to GPS navigators with free offline maps for Android, alternatives to Google Maps is Best GPS navigator apps for iPhone alternative to Apple Maps.
If, on the other hand, we are looking for an app for fitness or for mountain sports, we recommend using one of the apps seen in the articles App for running, running or cycling, Android and iPhone is Best Apps for workouts, sports, and fitness, where you can also get altitude information.


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